Soooooo... ex blast?

does it cause hard knockdown? bc it doesn’t say anything about that. its the only viable blast.

It has been said earlier that all versions of blast does hard knockdown, so I certainly hope so. Also, I personally think Lk blast will be viable against characters that does not a fast jump arc.

An example of this is from my bootleg capture of a v2012 stream where the dhalsim player anti airs gief with lk blast at 0:23 and even more so on 0:59:

And also in this match at 0:56 and 1:04 here:

lk blast seems to be usable now ,
but needs a godlike reaction , specially with fast jump characters

but still what dhalsim needs is to lower the recovery frames of the balsts

lk blast had its recovery lowered by 10 frames on hit atleast

still , if it wiff you die, so the whole thing is risky