Sooooooo, what might we see at the next SBO?

Since SBO is over, we might as well speculate as to what new games might be there next year.

So far, this is what I personally see going to SBO next year. Of course, we know jack about King of Fighters XII, but I think there’s a good chance we’ll see it in arcades by the end of this year or the neginning of next year.

Sengoku Basara Cross
Tekken 6
Battle Fantasia
King of Fighter XII

Any other games coming out that might end up at SBO?

Ssf2t Hd

Soul Calibur 4 certainly has a chance I’d think. King of Fighters MIRA also may be able to crack into the 3D games.

If they set it up the same then it means they’d have a 3D day, a retro day, and the newer games day.

Retro day will probably be the hardest one to guess. Does 3S make it another year (I think it has one or two more years in it as a retro game), does CvS2 make a return? It also probably depends on what collections are released as well. If KoF 98 Ultimate Match ever makes it into arcades it may have a shot at being a “retro” game.

I do agree that T6, KoFXII and Sengoku Basara X make it.

3s should always be at sbo until another sf game comes out. i’ll never get tired of watching 3s as long as the epic japanese matches continue. RX’s team needs to win it next year. im getting tired of all top-tier teams winning it every year.

umm well your other 3 are pretty likely but theres no way battle fantasia is gonna be in there if it wasnt this year

If they follow the same format as last year I might think…

CvS2? (Hey, Japan is making a reprint of the “The Best” of CvS2 for PS2, so there must be a demand for it)
KoF 98 Remake?

Arcana Heart
Melty Blood
Guilty Gear

Now the question is, if Battle Phantasia does well, where would that go under?

Also I don’t know if SBX will make it to SBO, as it would have to be pretty damn good to take over GG and MBAC, and AHF as they are the most popular games in Japan at the moment. Or it could be a one timer like Hokuto no Ken.

SBO doesn’t care much about the players or popularity. They care about which games are new and which companies will pay for them to promote the new games.

So, newest everything and 3rd Strike or other random retro game to shut people like me up. HSF2 and the NEW version of KoF 98 aren’t really retro games, since they are making money now. Old KoFs will probably never appear and GG will be there as long as there’s a new version popping up every now and then.

The big tourney that selects games by popularity (with a few exceptions) is Evo.

Yea it’s pretty much gonna be the OP - Battle Fantaisa like polarity said, since it’s even older than Arcana, it just doesn’t have much of a scene. My prediction…

3rd Strike
Tekken 6
Virtua Fighter 5/VF5Evo or w/e if there’s a major revision
Guilty Gear Accent Core (or newer if there’s another revision)
Melty Blood
Arcana Heart
Super Turbo

Sengoku Basara X

I’m really doubting KOF98UM unless it gets that arcade release, which has a slim-to-none chance of happening (we’ll know for sure at TGS I guess). Same goes for SFHD. I really don’t think they will change format from arcade-only anytime soon.

Battle Fantasia is way newer than arcana. It came out in April, and Arcana came out last dec.

Arcana may not make it back into SBO. I hope it does, and then the year after, AH2 makes it in, but im not gonna hold my breath, they tend to switch out games quite often.

Most likely:
Newest GG
ST or some version

Then prolly:
Kof MI2 regulation A or KOF XII or both
Sengoku Basara X

I never heard about SC4 getting an arcade release. If it does, then itll be in, otherwise it won’t be.

Essentially, anything halfway decent that gets an arcade release is going to SBO.

Really hope they include Arcana Heart

I lol’ed. Anyway, I doubt CvS2 is gonna make a come-back at SBO. Even with the reprint out, it really means nothing. I would like it if it was there, but let’s be real here.

Oh, and ST does have a good chance seeing as how STHD is coming out soon.

Doesn’t Arcana Heart have a pretty big scene right now at least? It was a 64 player singles tourney, and a lot of big names were playing it.

even more commercials?:sweat:

Hell yeah, where are my singing and dancing lolis?

i second this, but i think they’ll throw in a random game nobody expects just to throw you off
like Fighters History Dynamite / Karnov’s Revenge :rofl:

World Heroes Gorgeous is coming out later this year, so who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Sengoku Basara X for sure, Hokuto no Ken was played, so why not SBX?

Also: Examu is gonna release Arcana Heart 2 some day, more close that we think, im very sure of it… and if that happens, its obviously that is a SBO game.

Sengoku Basara X
KOF MI Regulation A

i think this are for sure, they had commercials of it so might be a sign…

Tekken, 3s and GG are a must, each one represent at best they genere, 3d, 2d, newer games…

Sengoku Basara X is a must. It is a capcom published game after all. But if it’s subpar, or even just average, I dont see it staying the next year.