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It’s ok we going crazy till alex is released

soon alex will be nerfed

Why is his v-trigger bar filling during the parries?

This cannot be done right? Can you parry on command in V-trigger? or anytime?

It seems you can only parry in V-trigger and a successful parry restocks some of his bar.

Thats frigging sick! I love that.

He’s just recovering what he spended on lariat activation.
I think it’s because he spends some meter everytime he activates the lariat charge and when he parries an attack the charge starts again, so it’ll be pretty weak if he spended the bar parrying and initiating again another lariat.

He’s earning more than he’s spending if you look at the videos showcasing the parry, otherwise Alex wouldn’t be able to parry certain strings like Chun CA and the devs didn’t want that. As long as you parry enough Alex’s V-Trigger can be indefinite, but the chances are slim and the start-up of his parry isn’t as fast as Ryu’s I think?

So if you mess up a parry you get the clothesline which is + on block, but wait you’ll probably be eating whatever you tried to parry and would also lose the lariat VT bar.

If it’s 7 frame start up then it’s useless for reaction parries to anything but projectiles

Having a hard time parrying after getting used to Ryu’s mashy timing lol