SOPA? How about that ACTA!


First I must say, I am proud of my political polish brethren supporting piracy on the net.

Goddamn this world.


it gets worse. Canada has one coming up, called C-11.

Why has nobody taken the obvious step of TAKING OUT a recording company? Like just bomb the piss out of one of them? Seriously, I’d fucking fund the shit out of whoever had the balls and intelligence to do that.


Two things people answer to: violence and money.


Uhm…I’m with you but I wouldn’t maybe go and bomb them…

Fuck Record companies though, Only RC I’m interested to patronize is Roadrunner, solely because of Opeth, not much other good stuff coming. Indie scene is developing very well these days, you just need to know where to look.


The Mayans may be on to something…


TY sir. This is like some behind closed doors shit. Obama already signed this while we were all going off on ACTA


1000x more scary than SOPA is, and the worst part is people don’t know about this disgusting shit.


then u were not who i was speaking to :wink:

there is a BIG difference between niche publishers, like Roadrunner or Metal Blade Records, and the big guys like Universal or EMI.

And I dunno who the problem is more with, the record labels or the RIAA itself. Or both. I mean, the RIAA was created to protect first amendment rights for artists. Then you move ahead to now where the labels are claiming the artists are only work for hire, so the music belongs to the labels and not the artists.

And I love how the artists are too fucking stupid lazy and ignorant to merge together and tell the labels to fuck off, and start something new.


I gotta hurry up and get outta this damn country. I swear, every damn stupid and backward thing that can be done, it seems to get done here. WHY? The government is just gonna keep kicking the dog until it turns into Cujo on them. I just don’t wanna be here when it happens.



I thought ACTA was signed into law as of last year…

Did I miss something?


2012 = End of the Internet = End of the World


Piracy is being used as a boogie man



Obama signed it, but it’s a treaty. It has to make the rounds of all the countries it would cover.


Copyright industry handed a list of demands to search engines. I hope google hands them a pretty picture coloured with crayon that says FUCK YOU!


Along with a shot glass filled with sweat from the testicles of their most socially incompetent employees.


These bills will fail, and fail hard. You shut down, or block one ‘pirating’ site, and multiple more will spawn within the next ten minutes. Piracy is the fucking Greek hydra, cut off one head, two more take it’s place.

also to quote from Dave Ghrol; “Downloading music for free is no different than listening to it on the radio.”

You can also apply this to movies/TV shows, and comics/books.
Movies and TV shows; no different than seeing them on TV for free (or relatively cheap)
Comics/books; no different than going to the book store/comicbook store/library and just reading them there.

If they didn’t want us to see this stuff for free they shouldn’t have been putting this all on the TV/Radio/libraries. It’s just so hypocritical. -____-’


Europe knows how to celebrate our independence day better than we do.


And a part of my nigh extinguished faith in humanity is rekindled.


Moving to a micronation, google it


“Must not all things be at last swallowed up in death?” ~Plato