Sorcerer's Once More - The Doctor Strange General Discussion Thread



Hello fellow Strange players, it’s been a while, but I dare say it was more than worth it.

Despite all the effort everyone of our contributors put in developing his tech, from jump to palm loops, our beloved doctor is looking to be way stronger than he was in Marvel 3, and it is up for us to break him once again.

There are quite few changes, notably that Vishanti’s weaker, but in exchange, his normals are actually decent now, he has lows, and the new bolts are just insane, hitting everyone despite of size and leading up to a free combo, for either Strange or his partner.

Strange BNBs as of now:

Anyways, welcome fellow sorcerer’s, and let’s make Strange shine once more!


He was one of my favorite characters in 3. It’s good to see that the new engine and changes allow him to be more complete. I think with the tag system there will be a lot of characters that will be go to as support since they can create multiple projectiles and assist other characters. Strange looks very much like he’ll be on a lot of teams as he has the perfect set of projectiles to set up multiple assists for characters like Strider, Dorm or Dante.


Fully agreed.

His toolset further benefits from the not-TOD feel of the game. Add to the free-tag, and during any long-duration supers that will knockdown he can set up shot for either keepaway or mixups, which is really, REALLY good.


Not sure why he got Lugz on, but very fun so far


Sup, @tortonon and @“DevilJin 01”. Missed you guys.

That being said, I’ll just leave this here for you guys to consider:


Found this on Youtube:


Hey Mazio, long time no see my friend. How’re things?

And how fitting that you some how are already linking palms and flames lol.

I do think that some of the broken stuff in terms of damage will come from fitting the tears of agamotto mid-combo and such… and idk why, but I’m having quite the troubles to do instant-aerial palms. :frowning:

btw, while we are in the matter, who are you pairing Strange with?


This is really cool. I was thinking about making a tag-team thread with specific setups… this might be the start of it.


I’m all good man, thanks for asking! The instant-air palms are done off a short hop. I haven’t figured out how to set it up yet. Still trying to get my bearings since it’s a new game and Strange feels similar, but so different at the same time.

As for partners, I’m currently looking into Dante, Jedah, and Dorm. I’m most interested in the first two so I’m learning them by putting them on a team together. In case I’m not really feeling Strange, I’ll probably play Dante/Jedah.

edit: Nvm, Dante/Dorm. Just saw Richard Nguyen play and I’m convinced.


This is really cool. I was thinking about making a tag-team thread wi

Dorm is borderline insane in this game. I’m running Strange/Tony, trying to make it work.

I actually needed your comboing wiz to help me out… I’m having tremendous results playing lame with the power stone as the ‘commando assist’ panic button. However, I just cannot find a way to consistently comboor adapt the stuff I alreay have into the power storm, cause some moves start to bounce when they shouldnt.

Could you try and help me out? I’m not even looking for a ToD or such, but boy did I need a consistent way to kill mid-storm with either Strange or Iron Man (they both drop they’re regular stuff).


Random-ass fact of the day: His level 3 can connect almost fullscreen from bolts.


Damn, didnt know that was even possible LOL

Guys, posted a new BNB, using 5 GoH.

Its a shame we cant loop flames anymore, but god its fun to be able to rekka the graces.


Hey guys. recently got mvci been in the lab with Dr Strange and came up with this combo using multiple tears of agamotto. I know it isnt optimised at all but I still havent properly got down his best combo extenders and such, but maybe you guys can. I feel like a lot more can be done for more damage. It works in the corner and midscreen, but midscreen I can only get 2 tears of agamotto because after the 3rd theyre too far to do anything other than sov super.


Damn this is STYLISH!

I’ll try and look into it, so we can develop some stuff regarding it. Maybe if you can sneak a red GoH in there, the explosion will bounce the enemy back to the tears of agamotto, and it will followup the combo midscreen I believe.

Damn I want to leave work to go home and test this! :’(


Is anyone else having issues with the multiple grace bnbs? I’m finding that most times, the beam sends them away and it’s too far to land the tear of agamotto. Is it more of a spacing issue or a timing issue?


@tortonon and @ScarzFX Do you think you could write out the notation for those combos if you find some time? I’m thinking about learning Strange as a setup/tag in character after I land hits and corner carries into super with Gamora. It really helps me to learn a character to see combos written out so I can grind them out in training in until I get it.

Any tricky mixups after tagging in as Gamora is hitting enemy with her super? Envisioning the three stone formation thing into the larger triangle as hyper is finishing up, then fireball to start it and teleport behind or double teleport back in front or something. I just really REALLY suck at crazy flight combos so hoping that Strange doesn’t have a bunch of midcombo flight cancels on his bnbs.


I’m kind busy at work this week, but come the weekend, ask me again so I’ll remind to write them down for you. Better yet, I’ll try to compile them all in one big video, and I’ll put the notations there.

Just remind me ok?


@Riot55 I was fooling around with the same concept and you can definitely do lots of nice things after the first loop. Just one example with a teleport but you can tag in another character for instance : ]

Here is a video with notations, st.hp,, f+hp, charge fireball with qcb+lp, qcb+lk, qcb+lk, qcf+lk, qcb+lk, jump j.hp, …teleport with dd+hp,, cr.hp, jump j.hp, xx qcf+hk

After the teleport I did st.hp,, f+hp, charge fireball with qcb+lp…cancelled dash into qcb+lk, cancelled dash into qcb+lk, jump st.hp,, teleport with dd+hp…and then, dp+hp into normal super. I’m not that good with notations but hopefully that works.


Here’s a 7.5k damage combo using eye of agamoto and his level 3:


I’be been playing with Ultron/Strange a lot, and was wondering if anyone had advice for the best set up tagging in from Ultron. After doing ultrons bnb into his HK hit grab, I tag into Strange and have plenty of time to set up, but I’m still stugglimg trying to find the most consistent option to cover all escapes. I’ve been doing tag, HP grace x2, dash back, qcb HK, Palm xx HK daggers, tag back to ultron to some degree of success. Any tips on a better set up?