Sore losers just "grind my gears" (video included)

Man, I’m so tired of people acting liek they have split personalities when it comes to fighting games. I’ve included a link to my video rant, and I want to see what you guys think of the subject as well, because I think that it’s something that actually affects all games and gamers across all consoles:

Fair Warning: This video does contain profanity, and is not meant to offend.


Aren’t you being a sore loser yourself by ranting like that?

You even made a video about it

Just let it go bro

stop playing online and come play us offline some time, rockford isn’t even that fucking far

how come i never come across these entertaining people when i’m online? Maybe i should start disconnecting so i can get a response.

This shit really didn’t happen too often when there were arcades. People would get a little mad, sure, but there wouldn’t be any fights or real threats (just dudes threatening to spark you if you taunted them for losing, coupled with complaints about their stick not working when they tried to block, despite them being able to back away from you with no problem). Online play makes you run into some immature fuckers.

this is funny

such sore loosers, I can’t believe they’re actually grown ups

Nice tank top, whats it like in 1983?

This isn’t really Fighting Game Discussion. Moved.