Sorely dissapointed in madcatz PS3 Tournament edition stick

Recently, I lost my xbox 360 and gained a PS3, I bought sf4, a new Tournament edition stick and now I find out it does -not- work with my laptop. I had a 360 stick that worked perfectly fine with my laptop, same exact stick… Madcatz tournament edition. 80% of my use on the stick was playing 3s/st on ggpo and now im completely fucked on that… and $150 out. I called madcatz tech support today and they said they could do nothing about it… I have my receipt and everything (purchased 8 days ago) and gamestop, who i purchased the stick from, won’t give me a refund either. I have everything included in the box and barely used the product but for an hour or two (looks brand new). I would have tried to return it earlier but time and time again I was told of new ways to get my stick to work on the PC and absolutely none of them worked because I have an ATI chipset.

What can I do about this? Is there ANYWAY without purchasing -even more- garbage can I get my stick to work on my laptop, or is there anyway I can get rid of this thing… i mean… 8 days?? Come on… It’s barely been touched and I have EVERYTHING that came with it…

Should’ve just kept the 360 TE and had it dual modded. Would have been cheaper as well.

I probably should have explained that, my 360 and everything that came with it is gone. I don’t have a thing left over or else I would have surely just done that and saved my self $130

You should do research and then buy something, not the other way around.

You may be able to get an expansion card that has the correct USB chipset.

I purchased a 360 stick, it worked perfectly fine. I played with my friend using his PS3 stick on his pc, it worked fine. Why would I assume that they advertise there product as something it is not? Also I asked if there is anyway without purchasing any extra junk to get this to work. I payed $150 for the stick, i expect it to work as advertised. Heres the kicker, the SE my friend brought over the other day works just fine on my PC. Ain’t that some shit?

360 and PS3 sticks use different drivers. Theres a reason why theres two different models.

One of the selling points of the TE is that it also works on PC. I have been told madcatz people scan these forums too, so maybe they will see this and give me some sort of alternative.

You have three options, and they all involve more money, and they were probably talking about the 360 version since that has special drivers available for it for PC like all 360 controllers.

Buy an expansion card for your comp that has the correct intel chipset onboard.

Dual mod it.

Buy a 360 stick.

Outside of Madcatz cutting you a deal, or your store to suddenly accept an exchange, these are pretty much your only options since your laptop does not have the right parts to support it natively.

Last I checked, PC compatibility wasn’t advertised for the PS3 TE (at least don’t see it written anywhere on the box for my round 1).

That said, I’d sell it and get a HRAP3-SA.

the ps3 stick works for the pc, you have to find drivers for it.

i have a round 2 ps3 te thats always connected to my pc whenever i wanna play mame. user error

next time don’t waste your money on a madcatz product.

Too bad this problem wasn’t the fault of MadCatz. Nice advice.

Are you certain you have drivers needed to use the stick on PS3 installed?

Drivers won’t fix your PS3 stick. It’s an incompatability problem with some USB chipsets. If it doesn’t work, it never will.

I don’t understand why Gamestop wont return it. I’d go to gamestop and give them hell until they return it. Their return policy has to be at least 14 days. If they still don’t complain to a regional manager. Don’t take no for an answer.

My friends PS3 TE works fine on his PC, although I’ve heard it can depend on the motherboard chipset.

I would throw out the Madcatz pcb and replace it with an IMP and a madcatz 360 pcb.

well i called another nearby gamestop and they i told them hey, its one day over the return policy date (8 days) can i return it? the lady said sure, so im just going to go down tomorrow and get it solved out because its pretty stupid. I’m pretty sure it was a general thing that TE sticks were suppose to work on PC’s , and to “user error” there is no drivers to fix having an unsupported chipset, and if there were maybe someone would link them and madcatz themselves might link them. Madcatz has been working on it since march 2009… somehow im not buying that.

Actually in the interview with the guy from madcatz he said the PS3 one would work on PC.


and this

Possibly an error the guys part. Official literature on the box and their online store do not indicate PC compatibility.

both of my round 1 round 1 PS3 TEs work with my laptop.