Sorry, But I need To Know

Look, I’m not trying to joke or troll or anything, I honestly don’t know what these are… I’m not a professional player or even a competitive one do to my area’s lack of interest in the Street Fighter series… So, uh, without any further ado…

What are block strings?
To me they just look like combos that are done on a blocking opponent to get a bit of chip damage or something- but is that their actual purpose?

**What exactly is a mix up combo? **
To me, “mix up” is just switching up tactics on an opponent to make sure you aren’t predictable-but I’ve read in a lot of cases, like akuma’s, mixup starts with a predictable attack, like demon flip, and then that becomes part of a combo…

Please note that I did use the wiki and search Function. Currently, there is no article in the wiki- to my knowledge at least- that solely focuses on the definition, process, and application of block strings. I do hope to learn from whatever knowledge you have to give to me, if you feel so obliged to answer my questions. However, I will continue to look for answers to my questions while I wait for a response to this thread.
Thanks in advance…

block string is a string of attacks with no gaps for the opponent to be able to do anything in between the attacks.


Blockstrings can have different purposes, such as getting chip damage, keeping the opponent pinned in place for various reasons, setting up for a mixup, pushing the opponent away from you, etc.

Mixups are when your opponent has to guess if you are going to attack high, low, or throw them. Not all mixup opportunities include all three, but if you have at least two options that are hard for the opponent to react to by reflex then it’s a mixup. If the game has other methods of hitting your opponent, such as unblockable attacks, they can be part of mixup as well. Mixing up your opponent is very important, especially as you get into higher level play, because when your opponent makes very few mistakes you can force them to risk a guess, and no one guesses right every time.

thank you so much to both of you for being nice and answering my questions.

people get all pissy because people like you can’t take 5 minutes of your OWN time, and look something up. You just want to effortlessly be given every single piece of information just because you belong to a forum.

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Aren’t there numerous threads for posting n00b questions?

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So, I have an honest to goodness question that I’ve never seen answered.

Why is it that single hitting uppercuts in SF2 or Alpha 2 can hit twice on block?


That clip is horrible for beginners because he talks sooooo much. Instead of saying what it “really means” after the technical breakdown why not just keep it simple to begin with.

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Dude you’ve been on SRK for about a year now and you still didn’t know what a block string/mix-up was? and you bumped a year and a half old thread in the GD section…

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This site has a pretty good list of terms if you ever looking:

Block strings also become more important in games where guard crush is possible.
There are a lot of threads where this could have been asked, I would suggest similar questions be posed in the New to SF in SFIV’s section.

He did take 5 minutes of his own time, to ask on a forum. Nothing wrong with that. It’s better than shitty list threads. And why should he have to work hard to get simple information? Makes no fucking sense, get the fuck out with that shit.

it has block string, but mixup should probably be added.


Posting about thread derailing is thread derailing. In any case, your questions have been answered and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything else you want to know on the subject of mixups and blockstrings anyway…