Sorry if it's old...SF Sagat & Sodom figure pics

Street Fighter series 1 pictures…


Sagat 2


Sodom 2

Bison & Chun Li


Damn Sodom looks crazy… so the first is going to be Bison,sodom,sagat and who else?

Either Chun Li or Ryu is next in the lineup. Those figures look seriously nice. I only hope a Gouki figure is in the works.

Well, the Sagat pic is a bit old. But the Sodom pic is New. He looks Very nice. Pretty impressive actually. I can’t say the same for Sagat though, He looks kinda ugly. Especially his Scar:( :o …

…Do I see toe articulation?

How many articulation points are there? I see alot!
Well…not really digging his shorts…

You guys have to see Ryu. He looks…argh:o . And i’m not even a Ryu fan:o…

No he’s wrong the character you must see is Bison.

I’m pretty dissapointed on the head of Ryu, but from the neck down, it’s great.

I was hoping the series to be more ‘cartoon’ style faces, but it’s still good…

When are these figures coming out? And for how much?

Ryu’s new look

Oh Yes Yes yes. Much much better. Improvement!..

I’m a lot more satisfied with this new face change as well. Looks like toy shopping time is creeping up on me…

Yea, Ryu rocks. Well, that settles it. Ryu is replacing the breakdancing Samurai Spawn on my desk.