Sorry it took so long... 07-23-05 PSM MVC2 Tourny Vids

Sorry it took so long… 07-23-05 PSM MVC2 Tourny Vids

Me vs Soo

Soo vs Wigfall

Sorry for the Errors, but I’m still working on Torrent Hosting. Bare with me :slight_smile:

For those of you who don’t use Bit Torrent…

Direct FTP Access


Holy Shit. hey jules, the ftp isn’t working for me. think you can send it on aim?

not workin’ for me

:lol: - does anybody have this? I’ll host it if someone can point me to it.

no permission… any help?

nvm it works

Duc Jr vs That East Coast Guy (Sorry, I’m bad with names…)

got the torrent, but i can’t get it to work. if someone manages to get the file, send it to preppy asap.

preppy’s got it

That’s a nice comeback there. :tup:

Thanks to LrZx SM for passin’ this along:

Requires the XVID/DiVX codec. Note that any problems in playback (acceleration/deceleration) should stem from the codec spewing out random time stamps. I can fourCC hack the file to use DIVX instead if people really care, but XVID/DIVX are all kind of the same crappy rip off technology anyways. shrug

EDIT: Wow, Kai, go to bed, son. I’m at least getting paid to stay up this late. =
EDIT2: No excuses. 11AM is way way too early.
I used to have problems with 7 o’clock class… it’s just way too difficult to get up by 7PM. =\

Zach: Taiwan, remember? It’s about 11 here now :stuck_out_tongue:

kai, u better comeback as a kof god from there…XD
do the vids work yet?

good shit, but that was not on par with the justin comeback by any comparison, as now much it was mentioned and hyped up in the old psm results thread.

a real comeback right here, one that happens because of the comeback player’s skill, not because of the mistakes of opposing player, or failure to mash out in this case.


not really…

Both the torrents and the FTP links are broken. Anyone care to send on AIM to host them or something?

If there’s any other vids besides that one, yeah, send 'em to me and I’ll rehost 'em since my server is higher reliability. =\

Bump to get the other 2 videos. Someone has to have them!

the guy could’ve dashed up and scimitar or lp viper beam him. he also could’ve hk drones

but yeah i love jmar’s mss he comes back out of the gayest situations.

reminds me of the CHUNKSTA!! lol, cant sleep on that guy. kids SSSSSSSSSSSICK SICK.

Wtf? How the hell did I miss this tourney??? We need more PSM tourneys!!!

well this tourney was ages ago.