Sorry mistah J: Harley Quinn thread

General discussion of Harley.

I’m trying to main her, but having a bit of difficulty because her strings suck. I win much more than I lose, but its tantrum guessing games. Who else is maining her on SRK?

her strings suck? how so?
b22 is a great low string that when blocked/misses doesn’t fully come out, and is cancellable on either hit (it also does a good amount of damage) and you have a fuckton of time to cancel into her tantrum stance
2u3 is a great hit-confirm that is pretty safe on block and when it does hit, it’s piss easy to get a wall bounce afterwards
12 is your standard hitconfirm, actually has good reach for a small character like her and hits crouchers (this is important)
d1 is a fast low but b22 is a better low
f2 is a really quick overhead that cancels into tantrum stance
even a raw tantrum stance will get you a hit since 1 after a tantrum stance hits overhead (i think) and makes it a lot harder to punish

she’s got some of the better hit-confirms in the game and her b3 is really freaking good (especially when you MB it)
she’s also got a good semi-zoning game (it’s not really zoning but it’s more trapping without really trapping)

Cartwheel out of tantrum definitely doesn’t hit overhead, though it looks like it would (she would be absolutely broken if it did though).

I’m loving Harley in Injustice, her rushdown is insane, all of her combos end in silly slide for frame advantage on your opponents wakeup netting you a safe jump against most of the cast, and a nasty high/low/throw mixup.

One nifty little trick I pulled out at a tournament this weekend was hitting her super on an opponent that was pretty well stocked on meter, so if I followed up with anything, I’m giving up a free burst, so, immediately after the super, I hit trait, lucked out and they woke up into TNT for full combo (which for some reason my opponent decided not to burst anyway).
What’s nice about that, if you get TNT, you get an unscaled followup to your super, and it pops your opponent up at a similar height, but if you get rose or Joker picture, enjoy the buff.

Also, if you weren’t aware, silly slide free cancels into super at any time, netting you some combos and punishes that weren’t otherwise possible without it.

As for more general discussion, her default costume, it looks like complete shit, easily bottom 3. Fortunately her alts are some of the best in the game, but still.

i only use arkham harley, her main does suck though, her insurgency costume isn’t so bad

i guess people get hit by her cartwheel cause it’s like a frame trap, if you try to punish tantrum stance, they will get hit by the follow up move everytime, any follow-up move

just cartwheel has the benefit of linking into b3

Oh shit, I didn’t realize that was special cancellable. I’ve been doing the f23 string into j2 into ender, which is way harder and way less damage lol.

f23 makes it safer on block

seriously, i think she has the best high-low game of all the characters, it’s ridiculous how many options she has

here’s a vid that shows what harley can do after any hitconfirm

I just noticed her cartwheel (1 from tantrum), is way safer than the in-game frame data implies. It lists it at -16, but flash’s charge (7f startup) can’t punish it.

Startup for supers seems to be wrong in general as well, supermans super (which can punish cartwheel) is listed as 105f startup lol.

That includes the cinematic. Superman has a 1f super far as I’m aware.

And according to TYM, any multi hit attacks have buggy framedata and are appearing more negative than they actually are.

I guess what’s happening is the in-game guide is using the time between the first hit and recovery rather than last hit to determine hit/block advantage on multihit moves.

And supers are including the freeze frame animations in startup frames somehow… How did no one at NRS, or any of the testers notice this?

well, that explains the insanely long startup on supers. that really needs to be fixed. hopefully it’s in the hotfix update when they correct the other frame data.

anyways, has anyone come up with a good combo harley can do after her super? i figured she’d be able to tack on more damage and build a little meter back, but so far i’ve only seen people do like 1, 2, into a special move.

after a super, i think she can do:

j2, j2, f13, let’s play doctor

I played around with it a little on friday. If you time it well you can get a j.2 in first, but the timing is hard to judge. Note that this was just using the super alone, not sure how well juggling would work out after a combo into super. That video a few posts up shows a 3 into play doctor which I thought was a pretty decent and easy ending to it.

you can always do the same juggle after a super, doesn’t matter if it’s in a combo, raw, or as a punish

And now I know! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I haven’t had too much time to play around with her. Was just smashing my head through some walls 3starring all the starlabs this weekend.

She can really do j2, j2, f13, doctor afterwards? Sounds delicious.

i’m am 100% positive you can get at least j2, f13, doctor after it, i’m not sure if you can get a 2nd j2 in there, try it out and let me know…i’m just procrastinating a paper right now

How do you get the command grab to connect after f13 midscreen?

Just double checked that trait setup after the super, if you get TNT, they’re waking up into the unblockable for full combo, but if you get a buff, you’re at least -20, maybe not worth pressing your luck after all.

Also, Tantrum is Harley’s wakeup attack if you weren’t already aware.

i was going to ask you about that because i tested it in training mode, and even if she pulls the bomb out, she can still be hit. tom brady said her trait is really good, “especially when she pulls out the bomb after a knockdown.” i would check the advantage on her untechable knockdowns and see how safe her trait is after.

btw mjust in case you haven’t seen it yet,

Her trait is unsafe even after a fullscreen knockdown, against the right character reversal (flash for example).

I have a corner setup that allows you to get either buff safely, but you sacrifice damage for it.
If you get the bomb, you can finish your combo.

j.2, 2 up 3, stay on the ground – down 2 ~ trait.

I don’t know how useful it is, but it’s there.