Sorry SRK delete this mods


sorry for dumb post

mod delete


why are you making a thread out of a post?


he works with mad tv [media=youtube]-SRW2MQcdd0&feature=related[/media]


damn fanboys.


He wears shoes last time I heard. I thought he was the Ryu type and just walked to tournaments barefoot (minus flights/rides to faraway events).


oh good, this is like TMZ for SRK


STFU fanboy


Who cares really? Good for him on getting a job. No need for a thread.


Man, this is the type of thread that should deter people from entering GD.


Are you retarded?


answering your question

yes he is :coffee:


And you guys say '09ers are stupid…


^ Maybe not but it is getting annoying when 09’ers say “And you guys say '09ers are stupid…” ^

Hey let’s make threads about John Choi, Ortiz and stuff having jobs too…


Hey, Daigo Jr! Don’t you think OP should change his name to JWong Jr? Then you guys can talk about something.:wonder:


This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read.

Oh, I don’t mean the first post, I mean Hecatom’s sig.


Hecatom’s sig IS amazing!

This thread on the other hand, is epic fail.


act like a celebrity

get treated like a celebrity


fool get a job for?

i would only want a job for money.
which i would spend on games and films.
which i wouldnt have time to watch and play because of my job.

jobs are the devil.


Paris Hilton or Perez Hilton?


i have a job too [media=youtube]5F0XLXnep28&[/media]