Sorry to post whats probably already been done, but, I'm out of options


So, I watched DSP’s video on creating your own custom arcade fight stick by dicking around with the Hori Pro 3/EX.

I went and downloaded photo shop 7(Which probably wasn’t the best choice but i’m working with Windows Vista sooooo)

And all the templates i’ve come across so far have been garbage. Even when I go to free transform, it OVERLAPS the templates, to which, I can’t get any of my templates I’ve picked up from other sites for my Hori to fit the picture INSIDE of the template properly.

DSP did specifically say come to forums to find a Hori pro 3 template to get the job done.

Sadly, after going through the forum search for like…3 hours, all I’ve found are custom templates and really cool template designs already done.

So now I’m at my dilemma, and hoping someone here has the same template as mentioned by DSP in this youtube video:

Any amount of help would be great. Even some suggestions on what photoshop I should use or something. Because this is my first time customizing a stick, and really, everyone is so far advanced and ahead of me on this, I can’t actually find a basic Hori pro 3 template to start out with so I can start making one myself. >.<

Sh!t gets MAD frustrating…I’ve been on this project for about 2 months now, and still nothing.

Thanks to anyone here willing to help, and god bless. :china:


Is not it this?



Sadly, like I said before though, when I drag and drop the picture, and go to free transform, the picture still overlaps the template.

BUT, at least I got the actual template now. So this is a good start. Thanks a lot!

Scratch that…Finally figured this shit out…