And hey! I’m not the only one hated around here, though probably the most widely so, let’s rejoice!

But on a serious note, I’d like to address why I’m hated so passionately. Most would say my attitude, but on a serious level; I’d say my patience. Yeah, I know a lot of people are FAR FAR better than I am, and have played the game a lot longer than I have, even know far more than me! So with me knowing that, why do I argue? EASY! Who likes to lose and admit it after swearing their life on their arguement? Butttttttttt everyone does a millionith chance right?

So then, I have to publically apology to Kohime (sp?) Nataku, Pluto, Rock Lee, Kyske andddd other’s who names I can’t clearly remember; for incompetence and inability to admit defeat without being a bitch about it, and quite a bitch I always am to you guys.

Whether or not people are “buying” this or not is completely irrelevant, I felt I needed to apologize and have done so. I’ll attempt to be more…humble? In the future.

(PS sorry if this is considered spam, or doesn’t belong or whatever, it involves the kaillera community and it’s players, so I posted it here. ALSO, some people are bugging me about PM’s. Rock Lee threatened to cut my head off if I Pm’d him again… -sniff-)

You should just change your account name and not act like a douche the 2nd time.
Also, stop caring about rep online.

Don’t care about rep.

Losing opponents.

Hey hey… he’s apologizing, lay off of him.

Which is better than 98% of the names on the “Bad Games” thread

I was in there today. Apology accepted. Now get to work defending that Yun!

God he tore me apart ~_~…DIVE KICK FTL

I’ve never played you, but the reason I didn’t may be why you’ve lost other opponents. Just idling on kaillera once I saw what I figured was you (someone going by syntax) railing on wanting good comp, and just basically being overly egotistical. It just made you seem like an abrasive person to play with, since really I’ve not seen that many people who are decent to good really have all that much shit talking to do, they usually just wanna play. I’ve had long sets with people who’ve destroyed me, and I want to get better and play them again because they weren’t asses about it.

But I have to say as an outsider looking in that I’ve never really seen someone take a stance and make any sort of public apology to people before, which is very cool in my book. So hopefully people give you a chance.

If all else fails, get a new nick, be a bit nicer, and hopefully I’ll see you around sometime.