Sort Of New Here


This is my first post in these forums, I decided to join since I just bought SSF4 a few days ago, I am planning on upgrading to Ultra as soon as I can and I own and play on PS3, I’ve been looking around places, mainly twitch and youtube for people who play and people who could probably help me, as I’m pretty consistently getting my ass kicked, I main as Ken for the moment because I know Shoto characters are probably easiest to start off with and learn and I just like the way Ken controls, as for matches, I’ve probably been in more than 50 now and I’ve only won about 3, I’ve been watching tutorials, videos on fundamentals, how to properly pull off FADC’s (although I haven’t been practicing those as much seeing as I need to learn fundamentals I would assume before I learn things that are a bit more complicated like that, and I was just wondering if I could get some friendly advice on maybe how to play Ken more effectively and how I could improve my game? (Also if anyone wants to play me/add me, my PSN is xPrehistoriKx, I need more friends who play SSF4 anyways)

Just a note, I know practice mode/arcade mode are both good practice tools so you don’t have to give me that, I’ve been trying my best to utilize once I realized just buying the game and jumping into online wasn’t the best idea for someone who is just starting off.

TL;DR: I need some advice/tips because I’m kinda bad :frowning:


First, losing a lot is absolutely normal. Basically everyone goes through that when they start. It’s better to focus on things you do than on points and the like. They don’t respond to improvement that well.

What’s the frame of mind you have when you start the game? When you go into arcade mode or training mode or online, what do you do?
If you’re feeling lost on that front, check the resource pack in my signature. It has a bunch of things for building up a good mindset that allows and encourages you to learn and dissect the game.