SOS Gamers Aug20th "Dream Match"

well me and the rest of SOS like to thx everyone who did show us some support. even though Samsung Event blow us up the show must go on and I like to thank DJ Cr4sh for another great set of music, the guys behind Darkside Gaming for recording the matches(next time i should bring my router to stream cuz linksys is ass), also Stone Creek for letting us use their place and for some awesome food yet again, and of course the ppl for your support.

Cuase of lack of ppl we did a RR 2 sets of 2/3

1st - LB Chris G
2nd - Kenny
3rd - Zaidchik(sorry)
3rd - Ahmed
4th - EMP Royal Lance

1st - LB Chris G
2nd - Baidoo
3rd -??
4th -??

i’ll have to get the rest of the names later sorry i’m out right now.

here’s a taste of some of the vids that will be coming soon once the editing is done.

also my boy DJ Cr4sh put up his 1st half of his set from the event

Will there be another SOS Gamers coming up? =) I enjoyed myself immensely!

I can’t wait to see the videos. Will they be on youtube or downloadable? I’d like to review my first tournament ever lol.