[SOS] Super Street Fighter 2 X Dreamcast bug/freeze


Hello dear community,

I’m a newbie here, I searched for the special section so I can introduce myself; but missed it? ?
Sorry if this is the case, I’ll fix this :smiley:

Lately, I wanted to play a little 2X again on the Dreamcast

Sometimes the game will have like a freeze after a fight, like this:
link to video example

It does not happen always, sometimes I can finish the game fine.
When it happens, it’s not always on the same enemy, but i always after a victory.
When the freeze happens I can only reset with 4 buttons+start, no other way out.
I can replace lens and everything, but it would be fine to have a clue of what is the cause of all this so
I do not replace working parts.

I also tried various discs and burn settings
(no one agrees on discjuggler correct settings across the internet btw)
I have a pal dreamcast, region changed to japan.
I cannot use the original disc because It’s made not to work with RGB and I use SCART RGB, so I use the RDC release.

Everything is pristine inside, lens is clean, and all the other games work perfectly.

If anyone has a clue on this, thanks a lot, I’m going mad with this


The freeze is probably due to holding buttons in between battles. This crash happens only when bonus stage dipswitch setting is enabled. If you don’t rush the game every battle, then no crashes should occur from experience.
I played the Dreamcast version often to experience this outcome and it only happens when you rush the game by holding buttons between characters with the bonus stage setting is enabled.