Sosage should of been on my list


Since nobody wants to speak out.

Here is a list of people who suck. The type of suck you keep playing until someone good joins your lobby.

Comboless Clown
Love The Girls
EG Priderock
Added#1: Spacenuts


Best thread ever.




if you aren’t me and you aren’t on my friends list you best believe you on this list >:(


He has 3K PP from mashing DP. Welcome to the world of Street Fighter IV, now fight a new rival (who plays exactly the same with the same character).



Hardy har! But seriously…since I’m being called out on the issue and I want some clarity for the people lurking/participating in the thread, lemme just publicly state the two reasons I hated on this thread:

  1. Backstory: Although SRK provides plenty of resources for people of all skill levels (Saikyo Boards for example), we aren’t known for being the most welcoming community for noobs and the scrubbiest of players. You gotta have a thick skin to come here. When I hate on some thread a new guy wandering in here has created that causes me to snark out of frustration, it’s usually because he/she didn’t bother to read the rules. Rules meant to keep the discussion here at a minimal level. You know? Don’t wander in here unless you’ve at least played the game…know how to use the character select screen…don’t need your hand held on how to play with a stick…can deal with your hang up about not having played Street Fighter since 93, etc.

The point: My vision of SRK’s IV boards isn’t a place where we publicly humiliate players of lower skill level unprovoked. This place is just slightly (sometimes barely) higher class than that shit. If someone sucks, they should feel like they can come here and find help. They need to slip up first by putting their foot in their mouth before someone calls them a dumb ass/scrub/whatever.

  1. If 1 was TLDR, then take this bit of advice from a man whose participated in competitive scenes for too long and should really be doing something else with his time. You go creating/participating in a thread like this, calling random people out in this very public and widely viewed way… you can never, ever…EVER lose a game in public in front of anyone. Ever. You can never have a fuck around match or play with some character you don’t usually use or have bad lag or your stick unplugged – cause every random that has seen this thread will take that 1 loss and ego crush your shit. They will hold that one match over you forever…and fuck help you if they YT it.

Ask any player that’s made a name for themselves by winning tournaments or is getting some buzz for having some skills how some random players will rub that one game in. I get that crap and all I am is an OG player and a moderator (no more, no less). “I beat (fill in name here) 1 game! Holy shit bro, what a fucking scrub! He’s free as shit.” Then multiply that random talk by 100 cause you made your name in this community by claiming to be the authority on who is and who is not a scrub on SRK. Slamming random players completely unprovoked (no rage quit, no “u mads”…just a list of who you think the scrubs are).

If none of what I said means shit to you and you think I am overreacting, go ahead and make the thread then…on another site. Where I am not a moderator. Far, far away.