Sota series 6

Which characters would you like to see in the next Sota Series 6? Sean!.. And maybe Rainbow Mika. :slight_smile:

Honda, Dhalsim, Charlie, Hugo and Rose


Well, 2 of my faves are done (Ryu and Fei Long) so…I don’t mind. I would love a Makoto and Yun/Yang one as mentioned above. Dan would be quite cool too.

But it’s too soon personally. These figures are being shot out so fast it’s getting very hard to catch them all (I know its not Pokmon). I hope to get each one (variants as well) but I have only so little money and it’s really annoying when they sell out and they cost twice as much to buy.

Oh well, guess I’ll have to miss out again.


Those are the only ones I want.

I can’t wait to buy Guy, Cody and Deejay.

Alex. Dhalsim, R. Mika, Rose, Dan

Honda would make one badass action figure. I’d like to see them finish out the SF2 line, and then start in on more alpha/SF3 characters.

Honda, Alex, Dudley, Cody, Rose.

Although Dhalsim would be cool too.

How would they make him though? Extendable pieces like the new Mr. Fantastic toys or what?

A friend of mine and I were thinking…since the hands already come off, make his arms come off instead, and then include longer versions with hands already attached

Hugo, Alex, Rose and Guy.

I had that same idea, except you’d be limited by the size of the package.

I think it should be like the new Mr. Fantastic toy. You can use all the extenders on one limb, or you can split them between two.

And of course, you’d have to make his legs accept the extenders too.

And HCparker, they already decided on Guy for series 5.

How long would you make the pieces? I was thinking extensions about…3-5 inches long would be plenty.

E Honda
R Mika

Great now I just want the others.

And Cody.

And Haggar.

Mika? Fuck yes.

Rainbow Mika most definately

oro, urien, hugo


Here’s the dark horse…
Gouken, Retsu, Lee, Yun/Yang, Gen,

maybe a Eliza Masters and a Ken Masters’ Dream Wedding Playset (SF2)…or Shin Akuma