SOTA SF Round 5 at SDCC 2006?

I was just wondering if sota unvieled sf round 5 at the SDCC and if anyone has a link with pictures.


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Dee Jay


That is it so far. It’s been pointed out that Dee Jay is missing the “M” on the side of his head.

Only Dee Jay and Zangeif were on hand.

edit crap GekigangerV beat me too it.

thanks, is that ryu suppossed to be sf2 or sf3? do you know if it will be included in round 5? also, any word on the results of the round 6 voting, I thought they would unviel it here.

I dont know if its SF 2 or not but Ryu is a resin statue and is not part of any round. They will probably announce the winners of round 6 tomorrow or saturday.

thanks again

SOTA is going to release one figure a month from now on, and all figures will be online only. Zangief will probably the first, with Dee Jay the month after, followed by the missing Juni/Juli, Guy, and Rolento.

Jerry said the votes for Series 6 were never counted because, as he put it, “It doesn’t matter anymore due to the new availability”

So no more rounds or bulk buying, one a month from now, kinda good, kinda bad…meh.

EDIT: Shit, just saw the other links.

Well that’s just plain out “gay”. Oh well.

Screw you too SOTA!

Well, since SOTA can’t afford to produce the numbers needed from the large retailers, SOTA is forced to go on-line because these figures just aren’t selling. Why pay high distributor costs to a few small retailers when they can save the cash and just sell this way. I’m not too crazy about going on-line either but at least he didn’t cancel it altogether.

Online only huh? Oh well, guess Sota has to do what they gotta do. Would be hella nice if they got all of the SF characters over time.

Dee Jay is spot on, but Zangief’s Traps are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too big. And he’s got a hunchback for no apparent reason.

I know he stands that way in the game, but he also stands straight up in his victoly poses.

did he say when zangief would be released? 12 figures a year is still more than they have been releasing in the past.

sorry for this mis information cent208 bout the results maybe being annoucned today, and thanks for the info Infested Jester. One fig a month sounds alright to me if SOTA can stay on schedule then that means 12 figs a year which is pretty good IMO.

As long as this doesn’t mean that the line is getting cancelled as soon as a figure sells badly… I mean, I’m getting Juni and Juli and every other Doll they bother to release, but I hardly think that month’s character(s) is gonna sell too well to the general public…

everyone should buy them even if you don’t like the character just to support SOTA so they can eventually release every character.

That’s what I’ve been doing, getting every set so far except Blanka. But they’re easier to track down in sets, especially when you need to pay for expensive imports. And I won’t dare to wait until I can get five at once, since the first ones will probably be out of stock by then…

Jerry officially announced that the first, of what would have been Round 6, figure will be announced in January. The new site goes up in October for ordering as well. No official date on when Zangief will be ready, but I expect it to be sooner than later due to the new way figures will be released and the abscence of Juli/Juni, Guy, and Rolento. After thinking about it some more I think this is a great move for SOTA financially and for the customers not having to wait 9 months + for something new.

Oh yeah, this Gouken figure is fucking awesome. :tup: :tup:

Looking at all the bad-ass stuff NECA has at their booth this year, and looking at the very sad showing SOTA had. Two out of 5 prototypes, and awesome FALL OUT BOY figures…

…really makes me wish NECA had somehow grabbed the SF licenes instead.

Apprently round 5…or ahem, the FIRST figure of that set won’t see release until march of 2007! What have they been doing all this time???

Apprently round 5…or ahem, the FIRST figure of that set won’t see release until march of 2007! What have they been doing all this time???

just curious, where did you hear march 2007?

NECAs overall quality is ass though…as much I love RE and the look of the figures, they could be MUCH better. Also SOTAs new site is due up in October, Jerry didn’t give any dates as to when Zangief would be released. Due to this one figure a month deal however I doubt its gonna take them 9 months to get him out. He said the first pick for Round 6 would be told around December/January…so I’m hoping you are wrong as to this March 2007 date…where did you hear that?