SOTA Street Fighter Round 5 Voting Is Up!

Now that you’ve open this thread. Just do one thing: vote for Charlie!

Damn, beat me to it…

here’s what I said at Toymania…

Sorry SOTA, I know you’re doing your best/working with what you’ve got, but on this one, there just isn’t much for me to want…

I hate Hugo and Zangief (Zangief will win it though)
I already have Chun Li and Cammy (Don’t need Juli/Juni)
I don’t like Charlie, and barely like Guy
I don’t think Rolento’s a bad choice, but I don’t know if he’ll beat thin Bison
I can’t stand DeeJay, but I dislike Oro (Who will likely win)

my guesses on this one are:
Zangief, Juli/Juni, Guy, Rolento, and Oro

I voted for -

Hugo - Nothing against Zangief, but with a vote for Hugo you can rep SF3 and Final Fight at the same time.

Juni/Juli - I love Chun-Li, but I’ve never been a fan of the Zero/Alpha outfit.

Guy - ARG! No fair! Two characters I love! DAMN! Guy gets the vote since he was in Final Fight…

Rolento - See either Hugo or Guy’s response… Final Fight baby!

Deejay - He was made by an American, James Goddard. USA! USA! USA!

My votes…


Hard choice between Alpha Chun and Juni/Juli… I wonder how the latter would be handled if they win… 2 Juni colors and 2 Juli colors instead of the four colors most other figures have been getting? I think that might work, since the faces and hairstyles are the only real differences between them (well, aside from the fact that Juli is quite a bit more… buxom than Juni in most official artwork :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Anyway, I ended up voting:

  1. Hugo
  2. Juni/Juli
  3. Guy
  4. Bison
  5. Dee Jay

who cares about deejay…damn…oro is the one to pick and we don’t need another zangief or chun li…


What the frick? Everybody is voting for Guy. Get outta here. LOL.

Please please please vote for Juni/Juli.

I’d expect them to be reusing parts of Cammy, which is fine since I skipped that figure. Also, I really hope that they have different chests since it IS rather obvious in the artwork (if not in the game).

But that damn Chun-Li is going to win anyway :frowning:


Fuck Thin Bison.

And although I’d really love to see Alpha Chunners, I think it’s way too early to be repeating characters. Especially a shitty character like Thin Bison.

And I don’t want to have to bring up all my old anti-Charlie campaigns. Even though they did win Fei Long his place in series 4.

Eh, I saw lots of people voting for Juni/Juli in the comments thread on the linked page. I think they’ve got a good chance.

I actually didn’t care for the Cammy figure’s design much (the proportions look sorta off, and the hip joints are ugly), so I hope that Sota doesn’t simply reuse her parts for them in the event they win.

Why are they already putting character redos out there for voting? I wish they’d complete the roster lineup before taking backwards steps. I already have Bison and Chun Li, they should use those voting slots for characters they haven’t done yet instead of planning alternate versions.

if oro looks cool i’d consider buying one of these things
hes the only interesting one here:
dude is decrepit as hell but wraps up one arm cuz hes madd full of himself, power naps in the middle of fights, flings snot bubbles, despite his wise appearance and immense power he seems flighty like a little school girl bird ass n**ga

So we meet again. :annoy: :mad:

Guy is going down man! :devil:

Your Kung-Fu is strong. You are an honorable and esteemed opponent.

But on my soul, Charlie shall not see further action figure glory.

I must rest and build my energy for the great task that is ahead of me.

Guy will defeat Charlie. The fates have deemed it so.

Still no Fei Long. :sad:

I’ve only picked up the green and pink versions of Cammy. All I want is a Fei Long figure, maybe an Oro figure, and possibly a Dan figure.

Wow. It seems like a close fight between Guy and Charlie.

But I have no worries. The fans will pull through for Charlie. :tup:

Fei Long comes out in the fall in Series Four.

Put me on the list of people that can’t wait for Dan the Man.

And what is up with this love for Oro?

He’s an ugly video game character and he’d definitely be the ugliest toy I owned, assuming I bought him (which I would because I’ve been buying these by the series, not individually).

He looks like a fucking chicken.

Besides, Dee Jay has semi-OG status.

  1. Hugo

  2. Juni/Juli

  3. Guy

  4. Rolento (this one was a hard decision, but since we already have a great Bison figure)

  5. Dee Jay