SOTA Toy's Street Fighter Figures... The Future

OK, this is my first post here and admittedly I haven’t been playing Street Fighter for years and years or anything remotely along these lines the only times I have really been into it was 1994 when was like 5 and 11 years later at the age of 16.

Although I’m sure nowhere needs to hear my life story :stuck_out_tongue: I just like making somewhat of an introduction on forums. Anyway I’ve been really interested in more the world of Street Fighter lately with the Udon comics and the stories behind the games (although I am EXTREMELY fond of Alpha 2 & 3).

In addition to the story I’ve been really interested in lately is the merchandise and although not a big figure fan I have been getting into figures lately (more due to all the Sin Ciyt merchandising I buy) and anyway I think SOTA have been great doing what they’re doing with the Street Fighter line.

But I’ve always wanted other people’s opinions aside from a friend or two who can give somewhat informed suggestions. Anyway here I go:

Series 1 - Ryu, Sagat, Chun-Li, Bison, Sodom
Series 2 - Ken, Vega, Cammy, Blanka, T-Hawk
Series 3 - Guile, Adon, Sakura, Balrog, Gen
Series 4 - Fei Long, Akuma, Ibuki, Birdie, Remy
Series 5 - Guy, Rolento, Juni/Juli, Zangief, Dee Jay

Now thus far I think they’ve made some interesting choices with each series, all of which were based on votes. The first series clearly has the major characters by default (…and Sodom :xeye:), while the second series continued this, as did the third in ways and as can be seen each series got less themed and more obscure in ways.

I’m fond of completion and although unlikely I believe that SOTA should make every attempt to cover every Street Fighter characters even those completely in obscurity (Geki would make for a great figure :P). Although there are so many possibles I’d like to propose mine and if possible hear others…?

Series 6 - Dan, [Thin] Bison, Rose, Hugo, Oro
Series 7 - Dhalsim, Cody, R. Mika, Ehonda, Necro
Series 8 - Alex, Charlie, Karin, Urien, Twelve
Series 9 - Sean, Gill, Elena, Dudley, Yang
Series 10 - Makoto, Q, [Alpha] Chun-Li, Gouki, Yun

Though this doesn’t really coincide with my comment about obscure characters being included I wanted to have a realistic idea for this incuding some individual characters concepts:

  • Each character with the typical extra hands and heads
  • Yang and Yun with magnets in their skateboard and rollerblades respectively ala ‘Canon Spike’ Cammy.
  • The [Thin] Bison and [Alpha] Chun-Li were not my ideas but being realistic SOTA had them as nominations and due to this will probably have their way in eventually having them produced.
  • Charlie with sonic booms accessories, Dan with hadoken hand, [Thin] Bison same as Bison and Gill with his fire and ice hands.

This concludes my idea, though filled with flaws that can be accredited to many things:
A) I needed somewhere to vent some creativity.
B) It’s about 1am here.
C) It’s exam week and I’m procrastinating instead of studying.
D) I’m hoping this will encourage people to better my idea and thus write and post their own.

Thanks for reading and PLEASE make your own ideas and post them, I like writing my own only half as much as I like reading others.

The only thing I disagree with is having repeat charcters before every other one is finished. No need for a second Bison or Chun Li when theres plenty of others to choose from. Also, they should concentrate on finishing up the ST cast, series 6 should have Honda and Dhalsim no question. Karin or Mika would make a nice addition as the female for that series to close up the Alpha cast. My only gripe with SOTA, or should I say SOTA in general is the fans, how Oro and Necro were passed up for Remy is fucking ridiculous. They should also do Yun and Yang in the same series like Juni/Juli. Personally I want a Makoto and Urien, but I doubt that will ever happen given the shitty voting thus far.

So far my collection includes:

Series 1 original colors
Series 2 original colors
Series 3 original colors…if the US ever decides to get off their lazy asses and get them here like the rest of the world.

Evil Ryu by himself

Evil Ryu/Psycho Bison two pack

I disagree with you there, I think if they clear up Alpha and II sooner they lose commercial appeal because as much as people may not like it SFIII doesn’t have the same impact SFII did.

But at the same time I think everyone wants to see Dhalsim and Ehonda ASAP. So I agree and disagree on different levels.

I also forget to add specific accessories I think need to be added.

  • Dan’s faces: Serious, smiling, crying
  • Cody’s accessories: Rocks and knife

I disagree with the whole "don’t release Alpha Chun-Li and “Killer Bee” before everyone else sentiment. I sure care about “Killer Bee” and Alpha Chunners more than I do Q or Remy (an awful character whom no one likes).

“Thin Bison” is an awful idea. Doesn’t anyone remember OG SFII? Bison and Sagat looked like stick figures.

The only way I could justify a “Thin Bison” is if it were “Movie Bison” and it’d have to have at least one of the following:

a) A picture of Raul Julia from the movie
b) styled to look like Raul Julia

It’s true SFII Bison was like a stick figure but in ways a lot of people comparitively to now were, the way to deal with that would to just treat him in the same way they treat Ryu or Ken as figures basically.

Also… I like Remy :(.

Nice thread.I am an avid collector of sota’ street fighter figures and I don’t agree with putting too many popular characters in round 6 and 7 which won’t be enough left to justify the series going on other than online.If these continue to sell in retail it will be with balanced line ups and fans staying interested all the way through. I support third strike characters the most as they have only made it into series 4 thusfar(Remy and Ibuki in series 4).Yun and yang will come together like Juni and Juli so that will be another 6 figure assortment when they come out.Street fighter 1 characters(non playable) are iffy.Poison,effie and Gouken are likely but not 100 percent yet(lets hope).


Is Maki considered SF though? High Dream has a CvS2 line and I’m pretty sure I saw her on a coming soon add.

The Urien/Gil idea is good, an exclusive variant with the red/blue body and alternate head with hair would be nice. They should also do an exclusive Shin Gouki down the road after the normal one comes out, add an extra head, change the symbo/colors, etc.

P.S. Exclusive Retsu for the win :tup: :lol:

Since people have brough up the idea of additional important variants what others could be considered besides:

Killer Bee/Cammy
Alpha Chun-Li/Classic Chun-Li
Akuma/Shin Akuma

On a more discussion note: was anyone else as dissappointed with the sculpt of Akuma and just a lot about the figure. I found the colour, the sculpt and everything just somewhat dissappointing.

Though besides that Birdie is great, Ibuki is the most you could expect, Fei Long is… Fei Long and Remy looks greats. I can’t wait to see the Round 5 images.

Those aren’t the final sculpts for series 4, so theres a chance they might change still. I don’t mind the Akuma, but then again I don’t care for the character at all. I’m hoping they do a good job on Zangief though.

Yeah, but the likelyhood they will end up changing is about 0%…

They rocked teh T.Hawk, so I’ve got no worries for the 'giefer. As for characters we don’t like, I figure they may as well get them out of the way. With Chun and Sakura out of the way there’s only good times to look forward to for me, assuming the line doesn’t fall flat once the ‘fan faves’ are out of the way.

I still think they should have varied the series more in the early going, instead of having mostly SF2 as the bulk of the lineups, but Resaurus tried a fairly mixed lineup and failed at life, so whatever. As long as I don’t have to wait until 2007 for Alex my complaining is overwith.

The thing some people don’t realise is that every Round except the first one was voted on. was voted on. So if you don’t like the line-ups, go blame your fellow fans. Check out this link:

When I first saw the line-ups, I was alittle shocked at the lack of TS characters in R2 adn R3, but then I found this site and found out that, It’s somewhat in our control. So when the Round 6 votes come up (sometime in Oct. or Nov.), tell as many people as possible to vote with you (only once, though, since multiple votes will be thrown out)

Yeah but regardless of voting and what not it’s sorta scary that’s the rounds end up so obivously anyway, a few shocks at most like Guy over Charlie and Vega over Akuma but generally it’s pretty predictable.

My exact votes made Round 5 which I thought was cool :). Obviously SF2 had the most appeal and thus the fan votes were going in that direction and as a first line I think they covered everything pretty well.

Also as for voting patterns it was pretty one-dimensional, they gave some options than each round the same options would come up so that essentially no matter what SOTA put up to vote their original choices came up.

But in the long run it should work out, maybe a few mistakes in the past like not included any SF3 characters until like Oro or Remy but there’s always, as the thread states, the future.

I’m crossing my fingers most for Karin, Alex and Cody… Can’t wait for the next round.

Series 5:
-Akuma (Highly Agree!!! Shouldve came out in set 2!!!Vega couldve waited!!! my vega’s leg broke 2 secs when i got it out tha box!!!lol, no kidding, but currently being repaired to perfection!)
[They should also have a varient as Shin akuma just like “Evil” Ryu)

-Birdie (Pretty kool)

-FeiLong (I prolli wouldve voted on him too, but after seeing the sculps i think i wouldve gambled on Guy…FeiLong looks like a 99 cent store bruce lee toy…hope the accesories covers that!)

-Ibuki (dunno wat to say…not a big fan)

-Remy (I liked using REmy in 3rd Strike…but this figure is…HURT!!! , I hope his other head looks a little more decent…i wouldve prolli voted on Oro.)

I wish i knew i couldve voted on this earlier!!!

Series 6

-Zangief (Great win over Hugo [although i think hugo is koo] should come with at least the cape)

-Guy (wouldve been a hell of a decision for me to make over Guy and Charlie…lucky i didnt vote ^^ )

-Rolento (should come with tons of explosives and heavily armed!!!over all good win over thin bison, as stated b4, i think its too early for repeats, should prolli do that after everything)

-Deejay (How the &$*#&#$ did he win over Oro…I know he’s a SF2 char and everything but…he’s like one of the most undevelpoed char’s in SF!!! Although Oro is pretty much unknown…he’s still kool…iono…LOL)

-Juli/Juni (Good win over Alpha CL, same reason as Thin Bison)

Series 7 (IMHO)

-Hugo (To cover up the Big Guy…Seems like SOTA wanted him out pretty early anyways…also, as stated above, i think It’ll be koo for hugo to come with a poison…maybe in a special addition or sumthing…or make him come with nuthing but poison)

-Dan (agreed from above with the 3 faces and the hadouken hand…LOL)

-Charlie (With removeable glasses ^^ & sonic boom and/or Flash Kick(if possible)

-E-Honda (Can’t wait for this one!!!)

-Rose (should be a good add to the collection)

B4 this list gets too long a i kill the thread, just wanna add a FEW more things ^^

-They should get Dhalsim in there (w/ extenable hands and legs + FIRE ^^)
-Yun & Yang should come as 2 different figures (since they have diff hair , clothes, and sports)
-Put in Gouken as a Special Figure or sumthing
-Put in Cody and Maki to fill up the FInal Fight group (am i missing any one)
-Somehow get a special accessorie set w/ all 12 doll heads (9 now i guess…or 10 to get Cammies killerbee head) w/ all their weapons

  • The list continues…

For those who are falling asleep reading this…its finally over
For those who skipped this…pat yourself on the back…no more scrolling!!

My biggest gripe with the “fans” was Remy over Oro and Necro. What a shit fiesta if ya ask me. :tdown:

Voting is a definite plus, to be sure, but the voting selection is still ultimately in SOTA’s hands. Like seeing skinny Bison up against random SFer they haven’t already released yet, it’s not really even a choice for me. Or seeing the same characters up for vote that got their shot the previous round. My opinion is, they had their shot, they lost, back of the line(even if it’s a figure I wanted).

Having a more generalized voting process might help out the selection process for whiners like me. e.g.—
Instead of voting on 'Gief or Hugo, make it more like “What grappler would you like in Round XX?” Then give a list of the grapplers to vote on. Obviously this would be a lot more work on their part with the current voting system they have in place, but I imagine they could set it up with a common poll series like we use here or at Gamefags.
It’s not much but at least peeps could vote for who they really wanted.

I just wish I could get my hands on a Cannonspike Cammy figure. Can’t wait for the next series to come out in the shops here though.

This guy on eBay has 57 CS Cammies. Selling them for $19.99.

I know nothing of customizing action figures, but think I need to learn, cuz I want some SFEX figures. I need Darun, Allen Snider and Garuda fo sho.

The only thing in the way of SFEX figures I have ever seen was a PVC Skullo. I have been searching for years for EX figures.

Well another week has come and gone, anyone in the US get their Series 3 yet? SOTAs site says August/Sept…times a tickin. The site I ordered mine from (a very reliable one I might add) seems to flat of refuse to answer any emails regarding Series 3. To test it I wrote them about something else, same day I got an answer. Over the course of 2 months 5 emails have gone unanswered regarding Series 3…not to mention they still have a “Release Date: July” subheading under the picture. :bluu: