SOTA Vega/Balrog (Claw)

Well since you guys post about the toys here, I might as well, how good is this figure and how well does it stack up to say Marvel Legends figures in terms of poseability and overall awesomeness. (Actually I should ask that about the entire SOTA SF line :p)

Because I saw this at the store today along with the others, and it looked really good, and judging from the joints and points of articulation it looks like it can be posed to recreate many of the original moves from the games.

So yay or nay?

Oh if they ever make a Q or a M.Bison/Balrog (Boxer), I’d probably buy both. :tup:

I’m in love with the figures, but that is just me. Vega is kinda hard to pose sometimes because of his funny shoes, but other than that, it’s all good. One of my Vega’s is currently grabbing his crotch and pimping out Cammy.

Balrog is coming in the next series, check out the official SOTA website for pictures!

Good to know, I’ll probably pick up Vega sometime soon then, and Rog as well whenever he gets released. :tup:

I reccomend getting the Green Vega exclusive from the sota website, it comes witha kick ass licking head. :smiley:

I agree, the series’ figures jsut keep getting better and better. :tup:

So far I’ve only picked up the green and pink uniform Cammy figures. I can’t wait for the Fei Long figure to come out in the Fall.