SOTA's 10th Anniversary Special: 18" Ryu mixed media statue

You heard it right, folks. SOTA is turning 10 years old this year! To celebrate, we’re producing an 18" (1/4 scale) Ryu figure, super high quality and mixed media! This will really be something exclusive, as we’re planning a very low edition size. We’re looking at a release date of 3rd quarter 2010, but we’re still in the early production states, so stay tuned for more info!

We’re doing something special with this one, incorporating more electronics and effects than we’ve attempted in all of our other statues combined. This statue will be a culmination of 10 years of experience and will be guaranteed to impress.

Renowned comic artist Long Vo (Udon Entertainment, Gaia Online) has been commissioned for concept art, and this is what the statue will be modeled after:

This is the sculpt as of today (4/30/10). Bear in mind the base and aura are not finished:

Stay tuned for more information/updates in this thread or on our site:


If I was a collector, this is something I would definitely pick up.

should’ve used one of the artists from an sf game.