Sougenmu Unblockables



So, I haven’t actually seen much discussion on this (which seems weird), I don’t know if it’s a true unblockable since CPU’s can block it, I however, can’t.

Activate Sougenmu, then do some form of a jump in, wait until the shadow is about to land his hit, then attack low. If you time it properly, you and your shadow hit at the same exact time causing the opponent to have to block high and low simultaneously, something they can’t do.

I find that late J. C > C. B for maximum distance works best.

The timing is sometimes a little tricky, but even when you don’t nail it perfectly it’s incredibly difficult to block correctly. I don’t have any video capturing devices so unfortunately I can’t really show it, but it’s pretty intuitive to do.

This may not actually be a true unblockable, as the CPU can block it, so really it just means I haven’t been able to get 2 simultaneous hits on the same frame, but I don’t actually know if that’s possible anyways. I haven’t tested the other known unblockables from other character combo’s to see if the cpu can block it, but I get the feeling they can, and it’s just near impossible for a person to block it.

Right now, a simple setup I’ve been working on with it is as follows:

L, M, H, call Doom Beam, Shippuga, cancel into sougenmu, H command dash, J. H, pause while your shadow comes down, C. M, C. H, Shippuga, launcher or whatever you want from there.

This one is actually pretty fun, since not only does it setup the unblockable, it also spaces you perfectly for the H command dash to cross up on the way down. You want to try and time the doom beam assist so that you’re going into sougenmu while they’re in block stun and don’t have much time to get away.

Try and find your own setups and come bring them here! If there’s some good ones I’ll start making a list or something.

If you can land it in the corner, you can land (with sougenmu active):
j. M, c. LMH, shippuga, S, j. MM, H Sentsuizan, S, j. MM, H Sentsuizan, S, j. MMHS, Rekkoha – ~710-720,000 dmg.


Ya you can also tiger knee a dive feint for a similar effect.
(activate) :qcf: :uf:+:snka: (pause) j.:snka: j.:snka: c.:snka:is pretty nasty…


best setup is DHC into some sort of trap that keeps them in blockstun to sougenmu, to prevent push block

otherwise, not hard to deal with this set up sadly


interesting , i’ll see if i can find something


Its not as simple as it sounds, Its actually pretty simple to block, a Better set up is Sent assist Sougenmu do a Fake Dash ( Tiger knee light dash ) then go for a instant over head to low, or go for the dash then go Low Dash Instant overhead. The Sent assist should keep them in blockstun.


I have a set up which i dont have the proper means to test i would say its a true unblockable down to a few frames in which you can mash maybe a level 3 (these are the things i haven’t actually tested) basically get your hit stun nice and high from a long(ish) combo with spencer and then on the last hit DHC into sougen mu if you hold up-back and mash assist spencer can come out and grab them (type-b assist) leaving them in a standing state during you jump back you dash forward and use M attack the first hit will combo the standing opponent and the second (shadow) will not but by this time you have already grounded yourself for a low B which hits at the exact same time as the shadow. I believe the only gap is between the M and the shadow M which is very short. Its pretty easy to do and nodoby has ever blocked it that i’ve played test it for yourself see what you think!


It’s not discussed for good reason, it can be pushblocked out of in the majority of situations.
Now if you’re using drones, cold star, stalking flare or Trish’s Round Harvest/ Trip (whatever the hyper’s called) then yeah the unblockable works just fine. And it generally goes without saying he’s got Sougenmu unblockables so what’s their to discuss? Unless someone comes up with new ways to land it.


there’s nothing to push block i may not have been clear the first M in the air is part of the initial combo its not a seperate hit for example if i got them to 30 hits ending with the spencer assist the 31’st hit would have been the jump M linking, because it doesnt have much hit stun by the time the second M has hit (the shadow) the ground hit has already connected on the same frame. This was the first thing I tested :wink: (so the the major difference in this set-up that you can get it from any combo from spencer or tac into spencer from zero and before you say you can get out of it by holding exchange if you charge and release a buster shot after the cr.M its hits the next character coming so my orginal statement still stands mashing invincibles is the only thing I can’t test on my own)


Wait, are you talking about a reset unblockable to comboing the unblockable? There are 3 hits, 1 is your initial hit, 2nd is the clone repeating your 1st hit and 3rd is you hitting with the low. You can pushblock on the 1st hit of M

Edit: And as far as I can remember, it doesn’t work after Spencer’s reset because you can always jump in time to chicken block. If you’ve found a way to Sougenmu and land a meaty unblockable then do tell.


because you tac into zeros sougen mu, spencer links his assist from himself so yes the M in the air is meaty because you get more time. Try it use spencer super the bionic menuvers and then on the last hit DHC into wougen mu and mashing spencer assist. spencer will grab him giving zero alot more time to make various setups

Edit: a quick note there is still time to jump between M attacks if you have got them to an insane amount of hit stun before spencers assist hit so you need to limit the combo a little so the hit stun wil work in your favour. This was only briefly tested so i dont know if thats just my timing being off


Ah that’s a nice setup, good shit. Though you could pretty much go into LL too, I like your setup for midscreen stuff.


and ive never thought of using it midscreen (mainly because i hardly ever get that super mid screen) it very good though dont know why i didnt think of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Chicken Blocking, PushBlock, Alpha counter stop it.

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i wish i had the ability to record it lol but im sure chicken blocking is ineffective in the start up frames of a jump if hit low? correct me if im wrong. otherwise chicken blocking would be much more godlike and if timed right the enemy gets hit in those frames ( tested only with all block high mid only and jump on ) already explained the pushblock and ive never seen any1 alpha counter but im sure the logistics of hard tag are similar unless the assit has invincibility or durability higher than the buster


Basically if zero goes in on you, Pushblock AFTER the Shadows hits because if you pushblock when Zero hits you will get hit by the shadow sometimes if your mashing pushblock. SO Delayed Pushblock, Hold up back, this should help you block high while getting you into a chicken block position.


Im not trying to make you sound like an idiot so don’t misunderstand however you cannot pushblock without first blocking I have never said you was blocking lol the first J.M in the the air hits. It combos, its only the shadow that doesn’t and because the shadow hits at more or less the same frame as the Low.M there are not frames to jump understand? this may not be viable by giving examples without actually being able to see it lol i will try and recording it myself lol however the 10 second timer isnt enough for the dhc to end and set up the situation i will try and find ways around it though


Screw the dummy just record yourself doing it lol


lol i needed the recording to test escaping it my timing was off in this video but you can still see what i’m trying to get at normally the combo would be much longer post-dhc making more hit stun so you can hit the J.M much deeper


That Zero-Spencer setup is godlike, i just used in like 4 matches, it is too damn good.