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I really enjoy all the art posted here and wanted to make a thread of my own.:sweat:

The first of many: Saint Seiya fanart

By soujisama1 at 2009-02-19

I dont know who that is but it looks cool.

and Fishy

By soujisama1 at 2007-10-13

A Fanart I colored for the “Birth of Pein”

By soujisama1 at 2007-09-29

A Fanart colored from Bleach ( Everyone loves Kenpachi XD )

By soujisama1 at 2008-02-03

ok wow…Pictures are hot.

Saint Seiya is great.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hokage is my dream

Naruto fanart via bic pens and PS CS3 :slight_smile:

By soujisama1 at 2009-03-14