Souki: Oni of the Ashes



This is a discussion thread for Soki, a.k.a. the Oni of the Ashes, a.k.a. the Black Oni, a.k.a. Yuki Hideyasu.

Unofficial Movelist (by RyoDragoon):
Head Splitter - :hcf:+:p:
Slow start up, but has super armor through out the move.
Slight damage difference depending on button used(confirmed by Tatsujinken). Hits overhead (confirmed by Buktooth).

Shoulder charge - :dp:+:p:
Another move with super armor. start up is decent, your able to combo the light version. Not too useful a move though as it doesnt seem like there’s anything you can do after it hits. Button pressed determines distance it travels

Counter stance - :hcb:+:p:
Will only counter normal and special physical attacks. doesn’t counter low.
quick start up, and there’s not a big window to counter. No difference in button strength. Knocks down.

Finisher - :d::d: + :snkc:
A quick floor stab that hits low and OTGs. Recovery is not too great though. Jabs can punish you if you do it on a standing opponent. good for canceling into Baroque.

Issen - :snkb:+:snkc: after certain moves hit.
Can issen off of (AFAIK):
:dp:+:2p: (level 1 only)

Super moves

Sword of Purification - :qcf:+:2p:
Relatively fast start up. Best thing to use after you hit with a Head splitter.
not terribly unsafe if they block it all, but it pushes them to the edge of the screen, so only fast projectile moves can hit you, but however, if the first part is blocked the opponent can reach and punish you before the sword drops. Knocks down

Oni Magic - :dp:+:2p: (can charge)
Has 3 levels, but they can be performed for just 1 stock. is takes a second to charge to the next level. No super armor on any of the levels
Level 1 (green) - an electrically charged stand :snkc:. not great damage at all. unsafe on hit it seems too. You can issen after it hits though.

Level 2 (blue) - Same as level 1 but stuns opponent on hit and does a ground slam sending lightning everywhere. does good damage for a super. pretty safe is they block it all. they can hit you before the slam comes out though. Knocks down

Level 3 (red) - Same as level 2 but more lightning and a good chunk of more damage.

Black Oni Transformation (must have at least 3 stocks to preform) - :hcb:+:2p:
this super does not use any stocks to perform, but the transformation will drain all of your meter to use as its “timer”. In this mode, you can not tag Soki out, nor assist him. Pressing the P button will get him to absorb souls. Can still perform normal supers.

In Oni mode, Soki gains Hyper armor (similar to PTX-40a or GL), he gets a bit of a damage increase and well of a defense (not sure). Also, hitting the opponent will bring out souls (what type comes out is random). Each type of soul has a different effect.
Yellow - Recover Soki’s life by a little bit, can heal past the red bar (all the way to full life!)
Blue - Steals a small bit of the super meter. only way meter will go up in this mode.
Red - Fills up the Soul gauge that appears over the super meter. It’ll take 7 red orbs to fill up the bar and once you do you’ll have access to a certain super.

Ultimate Critical (only in Oni transformation after you get 7 red orbs) - :dp:+:2p:
You only need the Red Soul Gauge to be full to perform this, the super meter can be at zero. Using this will end Oni mode, hit or not.
Same start up to his Oni magic super, but a lot more range. Hits VERY, VERY HARD. (took off nearly half life on Casshern!)

His Oni mode is definitely strong. but it’s hindered by his ability to get hits in since his mix-up is not strong. Only about 7-8 souls can be onscreen at once too. The absorb move counts as a special move so you can cancel your normal attacks with it. Oni mode can also be comboed into via Headsplitter and certain normals.

Soki tutorial/combo video by Tatsujinken:


Another Soki tutorial/combo by XSilvenX (showcases some useful combo -> Oni transform confirms)

To start it off, I haven’t played the game in arcades. The first time I played the game was today, and it was at a friend’s house, so I know little to nothing about the game mechanics.

I mainly use Soki and Karas. None of the friends I was playing with today are hella into “traditional” fighting games (Capcom/SNK style 2/.5D fighters). They know the basics, but like… The very basics. QCFs, DPs, and one of them knows the way the Magic combo series works. The others are learning from scratch.

Anyways, two of the cats I were playing with kept calling me on cheese. Basically, I found that Soki’s launcher won’t combo if I do :snka:, :snkb:, :snkc: . So I stuck to a basic ground combo.

My BnB was :snka:, :snkb:, :snkc:, :r:+:snkc:, :2p:, :qcf:+:2p:. Generic ass Light, Medium, Heavy, into a command stab followed by a knock back slash, followed by one of his supers; a big fire tornado that finishes with Soki throwing the sword down on the enemy. Easy to do, decent damage, and brings back more than half a gauge. Anyways, the people I was playing got annoyed to the point where they placed a softban on Soki.

tl;dr Is Soki broken against beginners? Is the BnB I use “cheap”? I’m not asking for a tier listing; just general opinions on Soki’s ability.


Soki’s Launcher does indeed combo off of :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:.

As far as the other stuff, it should be fair game as long as it doesn’t break the game (like VJ’s freeze glitch).


It combos? I kept trying to pull it off, but :snkc: would always get blocked after :snkb:. Maybe I was inputting it too slow, I guess. I’ll try it out tomorrow if I end up playing.


what can I do during his transformation super? I mean, i know he can collect souls but, I dont know what to do with them…any help?


fill up all 7 red orbs above your super meter, then do f, d, df+AB for super while in Onimusha form


Anyone have any other Soki combos that are pretty efficient? Not looking for CV shit; just looking for usefulness.


ok, heres an alright Souki combo, pretty simple, 20% red or 10% your choice.

:snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:, :r:+:snkc:, :d::d:+:snkc:, BAROUQUE, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkc:, Launcher, :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:

You could make a million variations and extend the air combo, but with 20% red it does 22k

The combo the first post does 19k. you could even tack a super on mine too if you don’t take them to the air.


Launcher -> :snka:,:snkb:, dj. :snkb:,:snkc: is a good air combo too. as you land run up and do the :d::d::snkc: move for a bit more damage.

I’m trying to find the moves that you can B+C (Issen) out of.

So far I only got:
:r: + :snkc:
:hcb: + :p: (after it counters of course)
and :hcf: + :p: (I only got it to happen a couple of times but its there)

anyone know any more?

also, is there anything that you can do after hitting with his uncharged :dp: + :2p: super?


you can issen his level 1 super.


Two transformed Soki’s can freeze the game. I’m not sure exactly how to reproduce this bug but I think it has something to do with knocking a bunch of souls out of each other and then one of you trying to absorb the souls. A friend and I have managed to do this twice so far.

I don’t think it’s very likely to happen in a match but it’s still interesting to know.


What the fuck, not another bug!!! give me a little more detail, is it a freeze where you have to restart the game or does it handcuff your characters?

EDIT* tried a few different setups for the glitch and I still can’t reproduce it, any more details?


It freezes the game entirely (with a loud buzzing noise) and you have to restart it.

All I remember is we were hitting each other with standing and crouching :snka: at the same time several times and the game would freeze at some point while someone tries to absorb souls. There were a lot of souls on the screen at the time as well.

The first time it happened pretty quickly (in less than a minute after we started trying). The 2nd time it took about 3 times as long.


Yeah, that’s pretty much what the only combo I had with him consisted of. A, B, C, f.C, B+C, qcf+B+C. I typed it pretty strangely in my first post, though.


hmm. just to make sure that we’re on the right page, what i meant was that:

you can actually press B+C on his :dp: :2p: super (level 1 charged) to add on another hit. it doesn’t do much though. even with the second hit the damage is only going to be 9100 points of damage or something.

to make things easier on people i think i’ll go ahead and make a soki basic combos video and youtube it.


Start it with the combo I posted! Lawl

Also, if anyone wants to post a movelist or additional combos, I’ll put it into my first post so that no other topic needs to be made, keeping the board from getting convoluted and repetitive. Or not, all good either way.


it’s also the easiest super to combo.
QCF+2p’s start-up is hard to combo with, unless you use an assist.

When do you do the B+C? as it hits or after?
I’ve tried it and cant get it.

EDIT: No need for the moves to be on here twice.


hcf+attack is indeed an overhead, but its slow and not going to catch anybody by surprise

i basically use it like a counter; do a chain on the opponent, verify into f+C -> issen -> super on hit. if blocked, i’m unsafe so if they try to retaliate i do hcf+attack and eat their retaliation attempt and launch them

if that’s blocked as well, do an assist to cover up the recovery time

the 623 super seems kind of worthless, but if you DHC into it you can actually charge up to level 2 while time is still frozen. i’ve comboed into level 2 623 super with a DHC, but i haven’t messed with it too extensively yet

counters do indeed get low moves, but they’re not instant on start up. for the most part you’re better off doing hcf+attack for the same purpose

the 236 super is very DHC-friendly; DHC into pretty much whatever you want as the opponent is falling down

does his assist (the shoulder tackle) still have super armor? i know other assists sometimes have different properties than when the move is done normally, like polymers kicks


pretty much just as it hits, i think. think of it as doing his hcf+attack slash. i think mashing B+C might just work too.


i don’t think we need to press B+C to issen for the counter stance (hcb+attack). so it’s not really the same as the other issens.

also, basic combo video in progress.


no, I meant you can do a second issen one after the first hits. Tha’s what the B+C on that move is for.
I edited my last post to clarify.

yeah, it’ll take the hit and keep going.

when I do f+C, if it gets blocked I just cancel it into his counter stance.