Souki video thread! **Update 4/7/10**



I’m lazy so I’m gonna copy and paste what I wrote for the Karas video thread and just change the names.

Don’t get too excited yet…as “good” gameplay footage of UAS is pretty scarce at the moment this is just a placeholder for when I find videos to showcase good Souki players. I’ll be putting my stuff up eventually and I invite everyone else to post their videos and other videos they find of good Karas’ so we can learn and share.

I’ll constantly be updating this post as you guys post new videos and stuff with Souki in it. Anyway the boards have been really slow recently so I thought this was a good way to sort of bring this section back to life.

So yeah, once again please post any videos you can of Souki in action…win or lose, as long as the player is decent. Ill update the thread to show them and I’ll find a way of organizing once we get to that point where there are way too many videos…if it ever comes to that lol


[media=youtube]6zSDgOJ7b0w"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 1)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]B9OPNSZsJPY"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 2)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]hIPqvj-hLdY"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Morrigan) [COLOR=“red”](Match 3)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]b8gcewSCh2A"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 4)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]-nY6kFtATc0"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 5)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]B1ParPs0cnM"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 6)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]XzmgANvIijQ"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 7)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]zOT37KP4LJc"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 8)[/COLOR[/media]
[media=youtube]IgpDfBb7uWU"]Silven (Soki/Karas) vs. Shin (Chun/Ryu) [COLOR=“red”](Match 9) RAGEQUIT [/COLOR[/media]

ll.nd (10 most recent)

[media=youtube]l24CQrn3fzo"[/media] (25) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]H9ReTqy7zTA"[/media] (24) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]UgnC1JlXhdo"[/media] (23) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]rv85uCq-o0w"[/media] (22) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]slW6JCHwwxw"[/media] (21) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]eTVaBVA-Iy4"[/media] (20) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]L5zA-cQvqyw"[/media] (19) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]vwFdptlUpXI"[/media] (18) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]vIsmHTV2-Aw"[/media] (17) [Off-screen]
[media=youtube]yvRAIC40jhY"[/media] (16) [Off-screen]


Any other good tournament level Soki players out there other than ll.nd?


I’m not familar with LL.nd to be honest. What you should do is post a few of his videos if you have and I’ll put them in the thread.