Soul Cailbur 2 help me pls

Sorry to bother but I m new I like to know anything on soul cailbur like toptiers and advice for a noobslike me I only play for a while But I like to get better any one can help huh?

Don’t play this dead game.

But seriously…

hahaha owned, hrrm actually ummm i forget what pertinent thing i was going to say

oh yeha
god tier: xianghua
suck tier: raphael, yunsuck

Raph is good yo.

Can I have the list of teirs in this game anyone

Kinda hard to give a definitive list. Nobody agrees on all the top tiers, mainly 'cause the game lacks a consistent basis for offense and defense is very homogenous between characters. Personally, I guess I’d rank them like this…

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3
Seung Mina
Lizard Man

Tier 4

Keep in mind this is based mostly on my personal experience, and some characters I just threw in wherever 'cause hardly anybody plays them (namely Mina, Berserker, Liz, Assassin, and Necrid).

Thanks dude I hearing the same thimg about top tiers no one agree thanks again

just pick a character that interests you and dont listen to the tiers because the game is pretty balanced.

Personally I’d put Berserker higher> Also I didn’t know Sophie was good, I always thought Cass was better. Then again I haven’t touched this since NEC, almost 2 months ago.

oO, very different from the ranking project. I always did fine it strange how tournaments results never matched with it. So was that year long debate really just bullcrap in your opinion?

Ranking project was from when the game first came out and hasn’t been updated.

thanks ppls I pick Taki and voldo also it Mitsurgi I try them out and this are the characters I play for GC

I state my character now what ?

Well, sc2 has been dead for a while so I had figured nothing new had really been discovered.

well im sure youd like a little advice for SC2…


Taki is a good character with a lot of mixes and she flows fairly well, if your a combo / tactics person she might suit you pretty good

Voldo (aside from my unnatural hatred for voldo) hes a good character IF you can learn to use him correctly, the only thing hes really got going against him (that i know of) is at times hes predictible.

Mitsurugi (Who i use) Depends greatly on how you play the game as to how good your mitsurugi game will be, im good but by no means an expert, solid character just very predictible

if you want more info contact me on aim

just use nightmare and whore these

d/f+, B
and if your at the arcade where the LAME CONSOLE VERSION WONT F
*, K, B

also, sidestep+A,A

mixup these
crouch-throw --> d/f+A+B
crouch-throw --> d+A+B
if your knocked down, roll to the side quick and wakeup with this mixup:
rising **, B
rising d+G~d+A+G (hold guard and down for a very short time and while still holding down and guard just press a slash button for a low throw on the wakeup - if you do it right, itll look like he just goes from lying on his back to grabbing your legs really fast).

this is just some basic shit

I just wanted to say something about cracK’s avatar.

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i don’t get it though…I thought Soul Calibur was a popular series? When I read the reviews when it first came out, it was rated pretty high.