Soul Cal 2 tournament rules?

Anyone know the rules for SC2? I searched on the forums and found nothing.

IIRC, No console only characters and that’s it.

Normal VS mode
Best of 5 rounds
50 or 60 second time limit, whichever you prefer
100% health (default)
Random stage select

Link/Heihachi/Spawn are generally banned, but can be included if all players are familiar with a single version and wish to do so.

That’s pretty much it.

Hmmm I thought Necrid was banned guess not, well thanks for the info.

This was the rule set when SC2 was at Evo.

Soul Calibur 2

[]Game version: US Playstation 2.
]Game Settings: Versus Mode, 3/5 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Stage Select Off, Neutral Guard On, Round Time 50 Seconds.
[]Necrid and console specific characters (Spawn, Link, Heihachi) are banned.
]3P Character Costumes are banned due to slowdown issues on PS2 version.
[]Windmill (aka Gears/Clock) stage will be banned due to slowdown issues on PS2 version.
]Attack Throws Cancels (ATC) are banned.
[]Lizardman’s Reptile Rumble (214B+K) Throw is banned.
]Seung Mina’s Camera Glitch is banned.

I would have thought they would try to keep it as arcade-authentic as possible at Evo, which would mean no Seung Mina, Sophitia, Assassin, Berserker, or Lizardman. Plus, Soul Calibur II DID get an arcade release in the US, so I don’t see why they couldn’t rent some cabinets for such a huge event.

why is Lizardman’s Reptile Rumble banned?


you could do all sorts of stupid things with that grab. Camera glitches, multiple throws, free launch. I think it was unbreakable as well, meaning you could get an infinite out of it. Just generally retarded.

General SC2 tourney rules are the same as those evo rules.

Adding Sophie/Mina/Assassin/Berserker/Lizardman opened up more depth by adding more characters. None of them are overpowered by any means, and it made things a bit more interesting.

I didn’t know the PS2 had those kind of slowdown issues with SCII

Is the PS2 version considered the best version out of the three?

Performance-wise, its the worst, but its the fact that most people have a PS2, and the controller for PS2 is far more universal than an xbox or a GC. Buncha people use a PS1/PS2 pad to play the game, and a buncha people use joysticks. There’s more joysticks for the ps1/ps2 than any other system, and more people who are into fighters have a ps2 than any other system.

xbox version was the best imo

That’s up to whoever’s running the event and the participants. A lot of tournies never allowed him, not because he was overpowered, but because nobody really cared. He’s a very unappealing character.