Soul Calbur Money Matches

Soul Calibur Money Matches

I didn’t notice one already… So we go. Let’s organize some money matches for the ol’ BYOC lounge. :wgrin:

This for all games of the series, including Soul Blade/Soul Edge.

For money match noobs: FT = “first-to”. FT3 means “first to win 3 matches”. (not rounds, but matches. If it is not specifically mentioned, it’s assumed that all matches are 3 Rounds, by the way.)

Ok, I’ll start:

I hope to be at Evo East, but I will definitely be at World. If I miss East, there’s a good chance I’ll come to West.

The only games I am familar with is SC2 and SC3. I played Soul Edge and SC1 a little bit, but not enough that I’m going to put money on them.

For SC2 (PS2 or Xbox): I’m up for like FT1-for-$15 or perhaps FT3-for-$30 or even something like FT5-for-$60. However you want to set up the challenge, let me know.

For SC3: I’m up for like FT1-for-$20 or perhaps FT3-for-$40 or even something like FT5-for-$75. However you want to set up the challenge, let me know.

For both, my main and pretty much only is Cassandra. In SC3, I learned a little Sophitia… but I don’t think anyone wants to take her seriously for an MM anyway.

I’m willing to do these in BYOC or the hotel, by the way.