Soul Caliber Hori stick

did a search and there doesnt seem to be any info on this stick, my buddy is sellin one and im thinkin about buying it, he lives in another state so i cant put my hands on it to feel it out and see it its worth $35. he doesnt know much about sticks so hes no help.

  1. is this a good stick to buy?

  2. will i need to change the parts or does it come with the same as the hrap2?

  3. can it be modded easily?

  4. sturdyness?

thanks for the help :wink:

its the SC2 stick btw, not the sc3

All I know is that the Soul Calibur 2 stick has a Hori brand stick, an dalso Hori brand buttons.

Most of the HRAPs come with Sanwa JLFs.

  1. It can be, but not easily. The buttons are soldered directly to the PCB and that makes it hard to swap them for Sanwas. IIRC you’d have to bend the prongs outward a bit to make them fit properly in the PCB. It’s also supposed to be quite difficult to change the stick, because there’s some plastic rimming around the stock stick’s body that has to be cut off to make room for the tabs of the Sanwa that stick out for the bolt holes.

  2. The case is quite sturdy, but I’ve heard the start/select buttons tend to die out pretty fast. If this is a legit non-bootleg Hori you might not have to worry about that.

so basically dont bother with it, sound like to much trouble, someone should add this stick to the list in the stick thread


I’ve searched aroud on the site and had know luck.
Is there a place with a tutorial on how to mod these sticks?

Scary how I remembered that guy’s name 3 years later, which allowed me to find that post. From what I understand, you either get the JLF to fit onto the cylindrical posts that the bolts go into (that’s what held the stock Hori onto the top panel), or cut off the posts and drill through the (steel!) top plate and attach the Sanwa the OG way. That’s all I know. There might be an easier method but I haven’t heard of anything else. I think there was a tutorial with pics for the first method, but I doubt it still exists.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

you won’t be able to mount a JLF at the proper height. a seimitsu LS32 would work better. just mount it right below the metal plate.

Basically, a tutorial to mod one of these.

Wow, that guy just drilled the screw holes for the joystick right through the metal plate and original artwork. I never even thought of that! I suppose the dust cover would keep the screws from being visible. Does anyone think it’s is a good idea?

I tired to modding my Hori tekken 4 with LS-32 is working. need lot of working. more shaved stick box and shaft. no cut shaft. need have a rotary tools and tool kits.

I’m not finish with my tekken 4 modding. I ordered fancy seimitsu buttons. i’ waiting…

At the end of the tutorial, it says that its not recommended to use Seimitsu sticks when modding these particular cases, and that a friend of who made the tutotial found it the bad way.

Bomberman: you can see at the last picture that the dust cover covers the screws almost completely.

If you guys need any help translating parts of this, just LMK.

Also, to colaborate a bit more with this thread:

A tutorial on removing the default art and changing it for a custom art + how to add a lexan/plexi/acrylic to the top to help with the protection. It even has the layout to add your own custom art.

What size buttons are on the soulcal?

I just wanna be sure but I"ve been looking into this but can someone please confirm this I think they’re OBSF-40’s. AM I right or wrong!? :sweat:

They’re OBSF-30.

Well, I just desoldered/opened mine, and broke the buttons while at it (the small ‘legs’ that allowed them to stay in), so I HAVE to buy the new ones soon. I’ll also place some new art and put an acrylic to protect it, too. Tech question: The buttons are equivalent to OSBF-30, but the mods from the local community were done with OSBN-30 buttons. Any recommendations about which ones should I use? It seems that as OSBN doesn’t have those ‘legs’ that I just broke, so I should use those…

Also: I want to replace the Start/Select buttons, too. Which buttons are the ones that fit for this purpose? 24, 20 or 18?


Sanwa button 24’mm isn’t fitted in hole but you can pull surface top pushbutton fitted in hole. It’s limited color pushbutton for 20 and 18. I never try it them 20 and 18.

So, I could use just the top part of the OSBF-24 to cover the start-select holes? Thanks for the advice!

Next, I work my project. What’s kind of case joystick this.

I don’t want to change custom image this the case.
I want modding with seimitsu LS-40 red shaft and orange bubble ball-top.

The pushbutton seimitsu PS-14-GN red/black for 6 buttons.

I want change color orange buttons for select and start

You might have better luck using Seimitsu PS-15’s, considering they’re far shorter.

I like PS-14-GN is fancy button.
I modded my stick Tekken 4 Hori with Seimitsu LS-32 and PS-14-GN white/clear.
My camweb is unclear pic.