Soul Calibur 1 strategy thread

Since Soul Calibur 2 has some bad problems, I’ve been playing SC1 recently and have come to the conclusion that it’s superior!

Now, I like a few things that have been added to SC2 (3 levels of SC, although I rarely even use it, and some things can’t be GI’d a certain way), but it has got too many problems, GI works better in the first one (also no 2g). I also noticed SC1 being much more balanced, although X is the only one I could possibly put in a seperate tier.

So, since I’m having so much fun with the game I decided to make a strategy thread because I didn’t see one. I’m actually more used to SC2, so forgive me if I say anything completely stupid…

Anyway, I can’t start this out, so somebody go ahead and bring up something. :karate:

I like Cervantes.

One of the things I like about SC1 is that certain characters have Tekken style backdashes to make moves whiff.
Just hold back and continually press G.
Doesn’t work well with every character because their backdashes are small, but characters like Ivy, Mitsu, and Yoshi had the biggest backdashes, enabling them to retreat pretty damn fast and far.
X could do repeated bb+B+K (?) to a similar effect.
Nightmare could do something similar with his stances, but i forget the notation.

I still think Ivy is the best character. Then Mitsu.

<3 sophitia.

You mean like top-tier? I don’t think so. I still can’t honestly tier, but X would be my first choice for top.

And WHAT did they do to Sophitia’s qcf bAAK? SC2 it’s like b^B into it out of other moves. Why? Not like anyone cares about her not being in the arcade and all… also can’t stand what they did to Maxi all around, his few new moves are okay I guess.

Anyway, anyone got any questions?

I don’t quite remember the tiers, but I thought that Taki was top and Seung Mina was bottom. Anyone have a full list of the SC1 tiers?

Seung Mina

I don’t believe it at all. Yoshimitsu is the only one I would give the posibility to besides X.They just don’t seem to be winning more or anything. I use Maxi even, I still get killed by half the time and I know how to use him.

I see sc2 way more fun than sc1. i guess certain ppl cant do the new stuff that comes w/ it.

Zero’ listed the old SC1 tier list from Guard Impact. If anything, that list understates how scary Astaroth and Nightmare were on small stages (most SC1 stages…).

Maxi had strong game. I don’t place Maxi well at all, but the jist of Maxi being good in SC1 (and not in SC2) came from he could apply pressure thanks to two things, his canned strings comboing on normal hit and he had moves that would put the opponent in block stun so he could enter a loop safely.

X is still damn good and very evasive, but not in a class by herself when she can’t run away for fear of being backed into a corner. Ring Outs were much easier to come by in SC1.

note: Astaroth’s command throws are not GIable in SC1 which, all things considered means you had perfect 50/50 at pro level play (assuming you could and did GI everything).

SC1 was kinda…dumb. Not to mention broken, lol. There’s an old rumor that WCMaxi intentionally ranked Cervy low on the Ranking Project to keep the US from embracing the bullshit that was iGDR. Didn’t stop France though.

I noticed that. I’ve always had some trouble with Astaroth is both games, but he is very beatable. X is always scary. Cervantes never gives me trouble. Then again, I’ve never played a person in SC1 that really knows how to use him very well.

And seriously, how is SC1 broken? I found out SC2 real easy, I’m not sure what the problem would be with this one, at least not yet.

There was a LOT of broken shit in SC1. Sidestep was pretty whack, although the presence of tracking makes it hard to compare how good it was compared to SC2. Asta’s un-GI’able command throws, come on, that’s pure BS. Bullrush was pretty spammable too. iGDR is just disgusting. Whiff ANYTHING from ANYWHERE and you could be losing 50% or more. Plus he had CH B,B,B IIRC, AND B2 on the side could lead to 100% or ring out. Liz had easy RO scrubyness (66A/BB was broken in arcade too). Kilik and Voldo’s glitches were pretty dumb too; block a move and get free damage for no reason!!!

I still really like SC1, but I question just how much of that is due to nostalgia. The game’s competitive following was tiny, so it’s hard to determine just how accurate most players’ opinions were. France seemed like a more accurate representation of how the game really was on a competitive level.

Yep Cervy’s BS CH B,B,B was well bullshit. Also the health bars in sc1 I think were smaller, like 20% less health but same damage I think.

I think SC1’s lifebar was 200. SC2 bumped it up to 240, which definitely had a big impact.

But hey, in SC1 at leat PT sucked (well not the whore to no end like it is in sc2 heh). Asta’s 6A,B was also much stronger in that game. I recall actually using that move. Oh and 3K,A that thing was the best thing for frame traps.

Ah, I understand. It’s still not as bad as 2 in my opinion.

Why does every cool game have to be messed up in someway/broken? Back to VF. Yipee.

I really don’t see why people think sc2 is broken. Yes there’s 2G and yes there’s step-G. But everyone has these tools. Broken to me has always been like Cables retarded AHVBx3, that puts him in the top tier and automatically makes 90% of the roster unplayable.

I think the reason SC2 died out was due to the lack of comboes- scrubs don’t like games that aren’t comboheavy, and don’t have a whoreavble character- X isn’t that whoreable compared to say a Wolverine, or a Cable, or an Iori… You need a scrub base to develop better players from.