Soul Calibur 1 tiers?

I am just generally thinking, information is easy to come by regarding Soul Calibur 2 and 3’s gameplay, tiers, glitches and broken stuff. But I wonder just what is the broken stuff, glitches, and tiers of Soul Calibur 1. Information on game specifics such as that is generally hard to come by compared to that of the latter two.

Are the tiers all common knowledge, or does no one care to simply post about it.

I am just rather curious about how balanced that game is as well since it’s been forever since I played it, and my Dreamcast has been long since dead. So what were the tiers, glitches, broken stuff [if any?] and overall gameplay specifics of that game.

The only thing I know is that Cervantes was significantly powerful in that game. But he was only on the DC version.

According to the WCMaxi ranking project, (without the numbers) this was the order:
Taki - (PO cancel was too strong and could outpoke other characters and pressure the best)
Maxi - (Could also pressure with strong strings, such as NC BA, NC 4BB, and overall more blockstun on his moves)
Xianghua - (X is X)
Yoshimitsu - (UB pogo, mitsu’s good moves, with yoshi’s good other stuff)
Astaroth - (ungi-able throws, really spammable bullrush in a game where RO’s are very frequent)
Nigh/Sieg - (Still strong and very good at RO’s)
Hwang - (Weaker X)
Lizardman - (BS Ro’s and stupid priority with 66A and BB)
Sophitia - (A bit weaker than Liz, but better 236B, RO game lacking)
Ivy - (Missing high damage tools that she has in SC2)
Voldo - (Same with Ivy, but he’s on the unsafe side)
Rock - (Weaker Asta)
Kilik - (Higher damage, and his PO glitch made him better than Mina)
Mitsurugi - (Like Yoshi without cheapness)
Cervantes (actually extremely good, dunno why he was ranked so low, iGDR is bs, you can do side hit B2 into IGDR into another one for stupid damage. CH BBB is dumb, too)
Seung Mina - (Worst mixups, slow lows, low damage. That is, compared to the other characters. She’s really not THAT bad, but not nearly as good as other characters in the game.)

Keep in mind that RO’s are a lot more important in SC1 (since there’s no walls, smaller stages and stuff) so you really have to watch out and take that into account, too.

I mained cervantes in sc1 and 2, he was GODTIER in sc1, and although heavily nerfed in 2 he was still definitely top, been a while since i played sc at all though I remember he did hella damage and had great range and combo potential plus a shitload of moves.

Nightmare in both 1 n 2 was my secondary, although hella slow he had good juggle potential and did crazy damage but a fairly hard character to master, I remember astaroth being a beast as well because his throw setups were low risk high reward and fairly easy to execute.

wish they hadnt nerfed ring outs in subsequent games, from vids SC1 looks like a really dynamic and fun game, unlike every later installment

The theory I’ve heard is that WCMaxi intentionally ranked Cervy way too low because he loved the game to death and didn’t want players to abuse his bullshit and ruin it. I don’t actually play SC, so I have no idea how true this may be.

Josh - That sounds really true cause Cervy is completely stupid and probably the least-skillful character to use in the game once you can do iGDR consistently.

Very true, same goes for cervy in sc2 with his dread charge setups, I remember raping the competition with that alone lol.

He was good in SC2 for a different reason tho…

Wasn’t SC1 considered the most balanced among the the SC series, disregarding Soul Blade? =/
Or no?

EDIT: I main Kilik for SC1. Cervantes for SC2, and Nightmare + Mitsurugi for SC3

Generally, yeah. But SC2 was pretty well balanced as well. Ive seen Yun players and Maxi players do really well at tournaments and beat other players using top tier characters.

SC3 is really the only one that isn’t balanced. Even AE is pretty good when it comes to character balance.

Ah, so I thought =P
So is there any new info on SCIV? Or is it just “Yoda” and “Darth”?

Yoda, Darth and Elf Girl.

Never saw a decent maxi player when sc2 was still semi new IMO he was pretty terrible competitively, i tried him out but couldn’t beat decent toruney players with him.

MTFighter was consisently doing well at EC tournies with Maxi. JD_OK got 3rd at the official nats with Maxi as well. For a low tier character, that’s pretty damn good.

3B+K was about the sum of maxi’s excellence in sc2

more like 5B & 2A. OBNOXIOUSLY good pokes. he had other solid tools, but honestly a smart player could beat a lotta ppl with patience & those 2 pokes if he felt so compelled.

I was annoyed that Taki was nerfed a little (not completely) in SC2, so much that it turned me off to the series a bit… but I guess it’s for the best, she was a rushdown and mixup nightmare for the competition…

Makes a lot of sense in the context of SC1, and the general tendency of players not really competing for fun and just listening to anything experts say.