Soul Calibur 2 Fanart


Done for the Yunsung Fanart contest. Painter 7.


Hey nice piece. I think my fav part is the flooring. Couple of anatomy problems, but all good.


what are you talking about a couple of problems!! the face is ugly as hell, the anatomy is ugly, and i cant tell who’s who. as far as i can see it looks like two chicks fighting each other. i’ll say the painting itself is pretty alright, but the colors and the values is wacky looking.


I have worked on the piece a bit more, adjusting portions of the anatomy among other things. Observe :

And sweet, I have taken your constructive criticism and used it to draw a brand new, arguably improved version of Yunsung! Note the improved face, complete with large generic anime eyes, which I know you would appreciate, along with specific and clever indications as to the gender of the character in question.


You forgot Talim’s size double FF ostrich egg breasts and visible panty shot by any angle!!



True, true… I’ll be sure to draw those in my next fanart. I’m going to have to find some sort of creative way around those baggy pants she wears to get to the panty shot, though… I’m thinking of replacing them with flaps of dried human flesh.


I think a huge bulge in yunsung pants would have been a better clever indication.