Soul Calibur 2 thread-Necrid

Yes I know, in gaming years SC2 is positively ancient, blah blah blah, and two sequels have been released… Plus SF4’s come out.

(Rrr…Ain’t got me no XB360 or PS3.)

…Oh well. I still have my PS2 and a few good fighters to mess around with. In addition to a Nintendo Wii. (That’s Right, I said NINTENDO Wii-watcha gonna do about it, Mr. Aime?) Anyway, what I’m here to talk about is the seemingly unpopular character Necrid. It seems to me that he’s one of the he’s one of the craziest, most powerful characters in the game.

Many of his attacks cancel into one another, and his dashing and teleportation moves ( like the “Elder Topaz” Dash, et cetera, it’s been a while since I used him in practice mode.) give him incredible movement abilities. Plus, one of his specials allows him to nuke characters from below with a fireball!(Of which the distance can also be controlled for a short time using the d-pad, allowing you to really screw with your opponents-especially on the wake up.) He also has a few throws that can catch enemies in mid-air, allowing you to stick a little extra damage on your competitor after knock-up combos.

… He faintly reminds me of Blanka, having that similarly green skin all those eccentric moves.

Anyhow, try him out in training! You won’t be disappointed!

If the writing of this post is a little weird, sorry. I tend to condense my writings on the interwebs.

nightmare pwns in soul caliber and nacrid is ok, the AI seems to be good with him though.

All I know is I absolutely hated Necrids design. Not because it was out of place(which it was very much), but because it was simply bad and boring. That character spot could have been used by a real character instead…
Gameplay-wise, I must admit… I never even gave him a chance because of this. I figured he had mostly borrowed moves or something.

I remember something like the guy who did Spawn guest-created that character? Man, he must have had a really bad day if that’s the case. :looney:

I liked Necrid. When I first started playing SC2, he and Raphael were the characters I used most. I kinda strayed away from him, but once I managed to actually hunt down a copy of SC2 on the PS2, I started using him again.

He’s a good character, but you kinda have to study up on him a bit. He’s not like Kilik or Raph in that you can just mash your way to victory.

Necrid never should have been banned. He was obviously good, but not Yoshi good.

As I learn more about their history, I’m actually very impressed that so many SC4 players have reversed all the bans.

At the time the Necrid ban was done, it was done by one person, who EVERYONE listened to, and sadly that person is no longer into calibur these days.

Necrids risk vs reward was much better than Yoshi’s, anytime i have a character that has the best moves in the game from every character, that is typically a recipe for ban.