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Anybody good at pulling off Ivy’s Calamity Symphony? I’ve got the PS2 version, and it’s quite frusturating. I can do Summon Suffering easy, but Calamity Symphony leaves me crying in my pillow at night. Also, anybody else find it hard to do the long version of Mistress’ justice. I can only pull off four lashes instead of the five. Also, is it even worth the trouble to get good using Calamity Symphony? Damage wise, it’s the same as Summon Suffering I believe, only more flashy it seems. Welp!! off to practice some more!!


You need to go to Soul and look up the Ivy section in the forums. There’s a huge thread about how to execute her SS and CS, and lot’s of setups for it. The main thing you have to learn is to buffer it. A good Ivy player will buffer these out of anything (2A, for instance) and bust out a CS/SS on a whim. Go and look that shit up, it has all the info you need.

Female Aggression
Female Aggression





Hrm… it’s weird for me to see Nightmare so low. I know he’s slow as molasses, but the best player here plays Nightmare and completely DESTROYS everybody. Nightmare is like… the shooto around here. People pick him and just do 6B or 66B.

I’m trying to learn the game… wicked behind. I like YunSung, but even I could see that he was ass. Just not good for somebody starting. I’m trying to learn Yoshi now though. Wee!

A couple of Yun changes in USF4 from Japanese loctest
Quick Link thread: Newly updated 03-16-2013! Links to other sub-forums too!

Nightmare is a hard character to rank. Along with Astaroth and Voldo. Nightmare depends heavily on your ability to read your opponent… and that just can’t be quantified in the RP. You have to bear in mind that the RP is not a tier list, but a way of checking matchups of characters. Technically, many characters have an advantage over NM… but a smart Night is still one of the characters I fear the most.

As for picking Yoshi, all I can say is: excellent choice. If you want some advice on starting with him, PM me, and I’ll help you get the ball rolling.


Why do DEVS insist that "balancing" a game takes away from the personality of a fighter?
Why do DEVS insist that "balancing" a game takes away from the personality of a fighter?

could you post some basic stuff with him? i know there’s already some yoshi info in here but a detailed guide would be nice. basic moves, bnb juggles, mixups, and anti xianghua stuff.



Ok, I’ll post up some stuff tomorrow, but right now, I need sleep.


Hey while you’re at it post some strategy on Ivy, any good combos, juggles or whatever you might have. That is if you don’t mind. Thanks in adance!!

Gouken SF4 Ultra Updates

Ivy combos: these are taken right from They’re all in numerical notation. Credit goes to Kakaroth79 for compiling them all. This is a straight copy/paste job.

Ivy combo last update: June 29, 2003

(Version D and Console Version combos)

SL: Serpent Lust
SR: Serpent Serenade
ST: Serpent Tribute
SE: Serpent Embrace

**Natural Combos: **

4a+B : B : requires JF timing
6B8,K or 8B+K,K
ST B : B : B : requires JF timing
ST B : 6B : 4B : 6B : 4B : requires JF timing
SE [B ]
SE 6B+K : must be at point blank… two hits will occur…

Natural Combo on Counter:

B[B ]
6[B ]2or8

**Juggle Combos **


  • G, 8B+K


  • 8B+K

CH 66B

  • 8B+K

8WR 2or8 B

  • 6B8 it makes it much easier if 8WR 2_8 B connects on CH

SL release or charge to max

  • 8B+K


  • 214B : options to go to SE if you hold… Air control away to the left to escape

  • 66A : Air control towards to excape

  • 8B+K : Air control to the sides to escape.

CH 66B

  • ST A -> SE : nice SE setup
  • ST B : B : B : not all hits connect

8WR 2 or 8 B

  • ST A -> SE : nice SE setup
  • ST B : B : B : not all hits connect


  • 8B+K

4[B+K], release,

  • 8B+K


  • 8B+K

SE 66[K] -> SE

  • SE 66[K]

**Stun Combos: **


  • 1A+B


  • 2A+B
  • 1or 2B+K
  • 44B+K
  • 8WR 2 or 8 B, 6B8

CH 3K or 8WR 3 or 9K

  • 1 or 2 or 3B+K : depends on distance… and if there’s a wall to make opponent closer…
  • 44B+K


  • 44B+K

-1B+K (starter must connect from front)

CH k2

  • k2 (different timings get different results)
  • 1A+B

CH 8 or 9 B

  • k2: might require to run a bit…
  • 1A+B
  • 1B+K (starter must connect from front)

8WR 3 or 9 A OR CH 4A

  • 8WR 2 or 8 B : please refer to 8WR 2 or 8 B section for the followup
  • throw
  • [214B : nice way to get them set up for SE mixup… keep opponent standing :slight_smile:

1 or 2 or 3B+K

  • depending on opponent’s distance do 1 or 2 or 3B+K

OB 8WR 3 or 9 B
-1A+B gives damage of a standing BT opponent :slight_smile:
-8WR 2 or 8 B: check 8WR 2 or 8 B combo section for follow ups

**Misc. Combos **

44B or 8WR 3 or 9 B

  • SR BB

8WR 4 or 3 or 9 B
-1 or 2 or 3 B+K

8WR 3 or 9 A Must connect either near back or near edge/wall

  • SS : works easier with larger opponents.

236B crossup

  • OB BT throw: guaranteed yet very unpratical.

SE CH 6[B+K]8: Must connect at max distance.

  • 8B+K: guaranteed yet very unpractical.

Ok, that pretty much does it for my pilfered Ivy combos.


I have strats and setups for her, and I can post them if there’s any interest.

As for Yoshi: I started writing my post, and realized it was getting really, really long. I decided not to post it yet, and instead I’m going to turn it into a mini-FAQ. You guys can expect to see it within the next few days.



post some more stuff for X please and who she has problems with.
voldo is really annoying and some strats for mitsu too that would be greatly appreciated


Great stuff, B4K4. Anyway, I’ve sorted through the SC2 combo threads and decided to use these juggles after testing them with Taki out of simplicity (non-CH):

33_99K: 6K,A, 6A+K
4B+K: 6K,A, 6A+K
WLA: 6K,A, 6A+K
22_88B: B[K]

Is the 22_88B: B[K] guaranteed? I know the follow-up 6A+K can be ACed. If not, will just B,K be alright? Also, is there anything that Taki can do after 3B (non-CH) besides just a single A or K? I assume 1A could work even if they try to roll. Thanks to anyone who can help. Oh yeah, what’s Taki’s worst matchup? I’m guessing Ivy.

Costco Labels Bibles as Fiction
Costco Labels Bibles as Fiction

Thanks B4K4, for posting all that Ivy information. It’s going to take a while to sink in, but I’ll make it stick.:smiley:

Ultra street fighter 4 gen changes

Magneto’s Son: Uh, X doesn’t have problems with anyone, actually. All of her match-ups are at least even, that’s why she’s thought to be such a good tournament character. You really shouldn’t be having problems with Voldo, but if you can be specific, I can help, since I play Voldo seriously, and X at an intermediate level. Moves you need with Xianghua… hmm…

8WR 2_8B

That pretty much sums it up. There are other moves you can use, but I’ve seen mean X’s using only that. The “5 Move X” isn’t a joke… it actually works.

Mitsu stuff… I’m not much of a Mitsu player, but I might be able to help a little. You’ll have to be more specific.

5656: 22_88 B, B[K] is guaranteed. Knock yourself out :p.

Non-CH 3B juggles:

That’s about it, for guaranteed damage. As for matchups, Taki is at a slight disadvantage vs. Mitsu and X… she at least breaks even with everyone else (even w/ Ivy).

Yoshi mini-FAQ Status: It’s on the way, by the end of the week, for sure.



no more x stuff, we have that post already in the thread.

*awaiting yoshi faq"

anything on nightmare?

I was beating skilled people today using

throw/3b mixups on wakeup

thats all i know, complete sc newbie, anything else?


You’re pretty much set. Only a few suggestions…

-I wouldn’t bother using 1A much. Not so good in the long run.

-AgA is a good move as well. Covers the side 6A doesn’t cover as well, plus it gives +1 on block.

-Try to work in B6 too.

-66A+K is another good low to use.

-4B can be good on wakeup, as it tracks side-rolling. Not a must-use move, but has merit.


Zig: The only things you didn’t list there which I personally wouldn’t want to see a Nightmare without are FC A+G/B+G, and 8WR 8AA. Yeah… that’s pretty much it.

(P.S. Nightmare is also a 5 move whore :()


zig= 6b you meant? that thrust stab move? I think i use that, but it seems like it gets easily sidestepped.

i’ll experiment with the two other moves. a couple of questions.

why are his fc throws useful? I don’t have sc so i dunno. more damage, mixup confusion, double break throw?

Does he have a go to move from close range, kinda like how X can just sidestep and aa at random?

what are good moves from that stance 3** leads to? e.g. if 3b is blocked, can you or should you still attack from the stance.

In general, I feel his moves get evaded for free, which is why i sidestep in the opposite direction before attempt 3b. He seems kind of slow and the people that beat me just were patient and blocked correctly.


No, Zig meant b6. Tap b, then hit 6 right away. You’ll know it when you do it.

Reason FC throws are useful: Anytime you’re crouching, it’s a free mixup. FC throw for a low hit, or WS B for a combo (same as 3B). If you run up to them and crouch, they’re probably going to crouch to block the low throw. WS **B that shit.

NM is opposite from X, so you shouldn’t think of him the same way you think of X. You need to play defensively, and space them (keep them in mid range), and wait for them to slip up. Punish, and then force wake-ups. X is a completely different beast.

(P.S. If you’re being evaded often, then you need to stop being predictable. If they start stepping, use 6A to make them feel the love.)