Soul Calibur 2


well? this game among other popular games were canned at SBO, i was wondering if Evolution was going to can it as well.

also if this game were to be played, what would the rules be? IMO it should be

3of5 point matches w/ 2of3 set
default time limit
Wind Stage and Ruins stage banned


3of5 point matches w/ 3of5 set

although i think to suit Evo’s time constraints, single-elimination in pools would be necessary until a 64-man or less double elimination bracket can be made just like Mvc2 and Cvs2 are done.


Dude…wtf? SC2 was double elimination, and it went fine. Even with large turnouts, the game goes fast. And why are you suggesting all these rules that were used anyways?

Also, why ban ruins? That damn wind mill stage is the only one with any adverse affects on tourny play.


Are the rules still going to be the same this year regarding some console characters? Are Mina, Sophi, Assassin, and Berzerker going to be legal this year? What about just Mina and Soph? We’re running a tournament by Evo rules and I just want to know if those characters are allowed this year.


They more than likely will be.


evo bases all the tourneys areound arcade settings. if the character is available on console only, it is not allowed. even if the character sucks badly, it doesnt matter.




This doesn’t apply to SC2, though. All major SC2 tournies are done on console, and the standard rules allow Mina and Sophie.

Plus, even without console exclusive characters, the arcade version is obsolete anyways, as there are far too many changes to existing characters. Ban Mina and Sophie, and you might as well ban Raph as well, along with every single console-only move in the game.


Well, just to keep things simple, they were banned at our tournament. It didn’t really hurt anyone, but I would’ve liked to bust out some Mina madness. So I hope they come out with an updated rules list for SC2. Our next tournament’s May 29th and I’d like to bust out some Mina, and even take up Sophi again.


I dunno why Sophie and Mina are banned in the first place.

Yeah, they’re not in the AC version…not like anyone conentrates on the AC version these days. It’s all about console rules. Everyone is allowed besides LM, Assassin and Berz. And Hei/Spawn/Link. Sophie and Mina allowed.


We do have one guy who likes to protest their use, and he’s one of our top players. He argues that if Mina and Sophi are allowed, they should allow Necrid as well. I’m not sure if he’s joking or not, but I don’t think he’d have to worry about Mina or Sophi.

I’ve actually made a plea to my fellow local competitors to start allowing them during tournament play simply because every major and minor console tournament allows them. None of us really go all out for the arcade version, except to maybe see if we can find some new players once in a while. Our tournaments have always been on console, so we should allow them. We actually did allow them in our first three, before we started being more official.

I’m sure they’ll come around. Mina is BAAAD!!!


Are button combos allowed? Like A+B/K+B etc. etc.


Current Evo SC2 Rules are listed here:

And the legality of button macros has not been officially decided yet.