Soul Calibur 3 Create-a-Character revealed

They have a link to an interview as well. It’s not just changing the characters (already in the game) looks. There are whole “original” characters to work with as well. They look pretty generic and what not, but I guess that’s why you customize them…


I have been waiting for something like this in a fighting game for years.

There was one really bad attempt at a create your own fighting character released back on the PS1.Awful.

I was always waiting on Tekken to do this but 5 was a step in the right direction with customizations but bring on the full create a character love it.

Any chance of a link to the video tour i cant get the one on the website to work?

Um, sorry to intrude in your discussion gentlemen, but the AOL website features a lot of information for this, and any particular game you’re looking for.

Soul calibur III

AOL Surfer

SC III = 3D = Button mash = who cares

AOL sucks

I wouldnt say that SC is button mashing.

Sorry all 3D games are button mash.

Pretty harsh.

Im also a tekken fan and fail to belive you can be good at that by mere button bashing.

With the Capoeria characters and Steve Fox yeah but you need some skill to play that game and be good.

SC and MKD are 3d and are not “buttom mashing” games…have you played them or are you just some elitist 2d player?

The crack is strong in this one…

Oh and have you played VF4? It sounds like you haven’t. And if you don’t care about/dislike something, the last thing you’d should do is post in a thread about it.

It looks pretty good to me. I’m looking forward to this.

He’s just some random flamer who can’t play 3d fighting games so he must spark a flame which has nothing to do with the topic. If you don’t like the game then act like a tree and go fuck yourself.

On topic, in the video it looked as tough you can pick tamberines(SP?) as a weapon. That would be so cool to create I-No with a Neil Young guitar.

He’s kidding, he’s also mashing on the keyboard. :tup:

Instead of telling you to play Tekken 5 or Virtua Fighter 4 SERIOUSLY (which you should one day), I’ll just tell you that saying that is going to give you a bad rep. You don’t probably care, but oh well…

BTW, Button-mashers get owned hardcore in Tekken 5 and Virtua Fighter 4. Just don’t be an idiot and you will do fine against the button-mashers.

try my Christie and see if i mash. :badboy:

He meant that mashers could mash with those characters to resonable results.

All of this sounds good. But I noticed no one talked about if you can customize the character’s weight and overall size. otherwise its all cosmetic. you should be able to make anyone from astaroth to talim.

anyone got a mirror to the vid for a direct dl? :rolleyes:

Oh yeah 3D games are definately button mashing yeah tell me about it you fucking idiot.

yeah in Tekken things like Back dash cancelling, wavedashing, instanst sidewalk left, Okizeme mind games elaborate poking and just frames are all button mashing. How about Soul Calibur’s Snake Dashing, 2G ect. Cervantes Relaunch, or stance flowing with nightmare, yep definately button mashing. Or the fact that VF you have to learn all of your characters throws to succeed, and be a master at multi throw breaking, and let’s not forget that button mashing will also allow you to fuzzy guard which has to be timed down to the exact frame of animation, and it will also allow you to throw elbows that beat low punches at just the right time…yep my friend button mashing is strong in these types of games. It goes on and on.

Do yourself a favor and never come back, you obviously know jack shit about fighting games. And while your at it take your XBL handle from beneath your avatar, I doubt after saying that anyone but true scrubs (that is people of your own ilk) will want to play you.

He would be wrong on that account too. I haven’t lost to a christy masher yet.

Just to get back into this thread.

I think pretty much most people who posted in here cemented my point thanks:tup:

Also Kingdom, I wasnt saying that evryone who uses them is a masher i have played people who actually “use” them.I was just stating that it is possible to select these characters and frenzy the pad and pull off some moves.

And The Demon, i didnt say that would get beat of these mashers, only that mashing was possible.

But back to something i said earlier.Any one got a link to the vid i wanna see this shit.I agree that you should be able to alter stature and such also this could be most interesting.

The link for the vid is in the article.