Soul Calibur 3 strat thead!

Ok i just got this game like the other day and omfg this game is nasty. So this is the thread where you post up all the sc information you have. HAVE AT IT!!! :tup:

Don’t have it again but I’ll be playing it again soon.

Someone post strats for Mitsurugi, Talim, Tira and Siegfried!

At first I was a little skeptical on the new Ivy, but after getting the hang of her I’m starting to like the new Ivy.

Why? Why would you do such a thing? Please just use

Mitsu’s 6,6 B,B is GODLY, and is probably one of his only really good anti-Zasalamel weapons.

Zasalamel’s 6,6 B however, seems to be probably the best move in the game so far. It’s the ultimate keep-out-eff-you move- it launches, safe on block, and pulls OTG opponents CLOSER for even nastier mind games. And Zasa’s A on wake seems to have nasty ring out possibilities.

Tira seems to have good keep-out tools to keep Zasa from rushing her down, but I haven’t experimented with her enough yet to say.

And Asta’s new 8WR_3_9 A,B is a dirty ass launcher.

Zasalamel’s 66B? I’m sure 66B, 66B B and 66B K are all heavily punished on blocked. 66B B launches but like I said its bad on block and if 66B K connects to hit you get frame disadvantage afterwards. Choose 3B; its a better move.

Not to take anything away from this thread, but why are there so many SoulCal3 threads all over the place?? It should all be in one…

Another really good SouLCal place to go for info that is better than here…

Get all the SoulCal you want there…go to the forums there.

My strategy with Nightmare: “ANNIHILATE!!!”

My strategy with Siegfried: Protect the sword at all costs. Nobody should suffer it’s evil.

My strategy with Astaroth: “MASH!!!”

Anyway, seriously, i could give SC1 & 2 strats if you want them here, coz i haven’t tried 3 yet.

No. I absolutely insist that any need for soul calibur strats be satiated at Not that I hate this site, or hate soul calibur. But Christ, people on specialize in this thing. They write down organized neat, tested data. Everything that you could possibly is already there, and the fact that you’re too lazy to visit the site and ask people here to repost the same information is just plain ignorant and selfish.

Wow, this game has only been out for several weeks and people have already discovered some possible game breaking glitches and techniques.