Soul Calibur 3 Tier List

I just got this game and i’m interested to see how all the characters stack up against each other…

As far as I’ve seen from the tiers discussions so far…
The mids are kind of shaky right now and are supposedly constantly switching.
And supposedly dead bottom is
and Talim is teh worst ever

Why is Raph low tier anyways? I really don’t imagine he’d be low tier in this game, since he’s a lot BETTER than he was in SC2…

Anyways, I wonder if the European version of the game will change the tiers? I’ve got it, and they took out almost all the variable cancels in the game, except for Mitsurugi’s…they also took out all the character specific glitches.

Really? I thought the exact opposite, thinking they watered down a lot of powerhouses (Nightmare, Astaroth, Ivy)

As long as Maxi isn’t crap tier anymore. Talim definitely was better in 2…that’s for sure.

As for Raph…I guess it has something to do with his lack of good horizontal attacks (most of his moves are braindead easy to sidestep) and his lack of preparation mix ups. He’s basically a watered down version of what he was in the last game. Which isn’t good cuz he was a decent mid at best in the last game. I don’t play Soul Cal seriously enough to really comment on it.

All I know is that my favorite character Maxi went from king of the hill in SC1 (still my favorite Soul Calibur game to this day) to bottom of the barrel in SC2. Hopefully he’s improved in 3 (despite my good friend saying otherwise).

I maybe take on this game soon and drop another one, why exactly would be Mitsurugi so good? Anyone here, who could explain this to me?

im pretty sure it is VC which basically gives him a move that he can cancel constantly at his will so it is safe and if it lands he can do a bullshit 50% combo.

How’s Kilik in SC3? Cos I only play with him.

He’s pretty good, i find. I don’t really notice any drastic changes from 2 but i haven’t been playing it for too long…

Taki and Maxi are a bit higher up too. Some are saying that Taki is right under Cass and Sophie. Nasty Asty is in the upper mid as well. And from what I’ve seen of Raph, I don’t think he’s near the bottom.

Taki hits a lot harder than she used to also…

Sounds cool, thx for the information.

They take away Mistu’s KB2 which made him top in SCII, and yet the mofo is still considered top again for SCIII, lol, nice job Namco, I guess I won’t complain since I’m a Mistu player, but then again, I have to admit, 88B is beastly.

Zasalamel is nasty as well;
His 2A tech crouches instantly and hits low, good against characters w/ fast horizontal attacks like Xiangua and Mitsurugi.
4AB rings out from a ridiculous range behind him
His B+K auto GI’s horizontals and does good damage
On hit, his BB then another BB is near impossible to interrupt, sidestepping it is a just frame
Seriously, the top 4 are Mitsurugi, Cassandra, Sophitia, and Zasalamel right now

where can i find out more about the parry system of SC3?


I wouldnt go that far.

Mitsu cant hold a candle to the sisters. He’s solid, not top tier.

The top 4(in no order)
-Sophie (common sense)
-Cassy (common sense)
-Xianghua (3B/11K/crouch throws/66A+B~G!!/other madness)
-Taki (bulldogging)

honorable mention: Zasalamel

Yes, bitches are doing it way big in Soul Calibur 3.

Zas 4AB is flakey on block. But he’s still a force because of his lows, stand AA and BB, 2A and 66B mixups

I think everybody has a chance this time, except Rock and Talim

and Ralph does no suck this time, whoever said that was smoking some serious crack

Raph isnt that good lol. But the definite top 4 are X, Soph, Cass, and ivy.

soph is in her own tier. she is the t4 jin.

Anyone got tiers for the create-a-player character classes?