Soul Calibur 3 TV Commercial I worked on

Sup dudes. Here’s the science: I’m currently interning at a 3D animation studio called Studio Pendulum. Our most recent project was a SC3 TV commercial for Namco, through another company called Ant Farm. We did all of the cinematics on this commercial, and Ant Farm added the sound and made the final edit that includes the game footage, etc.

Go to and click on recent to find it.

I did storyboards, environment design, some character refinement, and some texturing assist.

Holy Moly that was very impressive!


Ooo very nice man. Looks likes you are going to be doing some more cool shit in future. This footage is hot.

are you yankin my “chain”…sorry, terrible pun. Man, that’s so awesome. I saw the commercial just today too. I didn’t even know you had any CG game.

good stuff man! I’m going to pick up SC3 soon for the character customizing option. I’m gonna make a guy in some oxfords and chinos: SFMC.

Did you do any of the 3d stuff or just the storyboard, concept arts?

Man thanks a crazy cool place to intern at, I’m mega jealous! How the hell did you hook that up?!

The stills look great!

Excellent stuff!

Haha, c’mon fellas, you gotta actually read the post. I said exactly what part I played in the making of the commercial:

So, what I did was strictly behind the scenes, with the exception of the texturing assisting. :slight_smile: How good the final image looks is to the credit of our fine CG team at Pendulum. I just helped out the early development.

I have no idea what you just said but that was hellava cool. Now drink milk.

hot stuff Ron. very nice job!

You did Tom from Toonami!!!:wow: Nice contributing work man!:tup:

Nice work chain. Even though you say you only contirbuted behind the scenes, thats waaaay more than most people can say.

keep it up mang!

This is pure Top Flight shit. Great commercial.