Soul Calibur 4 Raph avatar

Can someone make me an Avatar with raphael and Put the Name I$AAC on it. Here’s the pics. Thanks in advance

Kyle Smith uploaded this image to Kyle Smith uploaded this image to

the avatar you have now is “bisexual bridal shower” funny!

Couldn’t find a good font that looked cool. Open to others. :confused:

Edit: Looks like a facepalm now that I think about it. :smiley:

2nd Shit: That’s the Soul Blade in the background.

Awesome man!! Thanks for the Avs!!! =)

That premo one is fucking sick sas.

SC4 Raph looks like Alucard. xD

Thanks Stu. :cool: For some reason I kept thinking Raph looked like Link though. Must be the hair and the green. But now that you mention it, all I see is Alucard. :confused:

And glad you dig it I$AAC. Happy to halp.