Soul Calibur 4 thread

do you tekken and street fighter fans like
SC series?

yes i use to play SC2 i bought the 3rd one but i still think that sc2 is better

I am scared to death for my academic and social lives once SC4 comes out. SC2/3 are my favorite fighting games. Playing SC4 online is going to be like crack for me.

I liked the first two SCs and I don’t even have to mention how I feel about III.

I’m looking forward to T6 more but I’m down with SCIV if it comes out first.

Yah I looking forward to SCIV. It looks absolutely amazing as far as visuals go. I’ve never took SC seriously and always had a bad taste in my mouth. My brother in laws sister would always kick my ass just by buttom mashing so I never went back! haha

A big WTF…


aw man that looks so photoshopped too… but it’s a reliable source :lol:

I love SC…right up there after the Marvel series.

EDIT: fuck that…yoda is too short…“low sweep” my ass…looks like he don’t even need high or mid GIs…just low…

otherwise, cool I guess…

Yeah, I’ve played pretty much all of them. I’m definitely looking forward to SCIV :cool:

y didt they jus added dante from dmc series. and r u guys 100% sure it will b online?

I guess Yoda will be on 360 and Vader will be on PS3. Hopefully, later on, we can get Yoda, too. Anyone know the status of Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia? He was in Soulcalibur Legends, from what I’ve heard.

It looks like SCIV is getting closer and closer to being a reality. I’ve been practicing quite a bit lately in II and III to get ready. I hope Cassandra is just as awesome, and I’m really excited about Hilde.

It will be the first fighting game I’ve been excited about since SCIII came out. Man, what would the fighting genre be like if ever two weeks a great fighter came out like what happens with RTS’s or FPS’s? The world would be a better place.

The only game I like more than the SC series overall is MvC2. My love for SC beats my love VF barely and I can’t wait to see how good I will be against other human players as well in SC4, it will a gauge to let me know just how good I really am.

SC2 is still one of my favorite fighting games of all time, and even though 3 was somewhat of a disappointment I am very excited for 4. Here’s to hoping it only gets better.

Less than a month away; will be my first PS3 game for this year (the last being CoD4 for Christmas).

I’ll be sure to make my CASs really bizarre for online. Here’s hoping for online patches to nerf Vader and Yoda, lol.

As for my mains, well… Whoever has the cheapest infinite…

Definitely excited for this, I’ve been a fan of the series since Soul Edge, and IV will have online so that’s just going to expand it’s lifetime even more

Not too far away now, Imma live on this when it finally arrives.

I will be getting it.

HECK YEAH i cant wait for sc IV…i owned in sc III so who knows what will hapen on SC IV online w00t w00t

SC4 is the next big thing for the ps3, a lot of there games suck or lose flavor(MGS4) so the with release of the new soul calibur a lot of ps3 users with have it. i personally can’t wait, i’ve been playing a lot of SC2 & 3 just getting into the story an game play.

i can’t wait to create my own character and use cervantes!

i hope we can use ‘the soul of darthvader’ or some shit like you do in SC3 when creating a character. i want to make a jedi but not some darthvader shit!

i still dont get how light sabers don’t just own up every weapon in SC4!!!