Soul Calibur 4 thread

I don’t think we’ll be able to use a “Vader Soul” in this game unfortunatley. I think I read somewhere that they want to keep the Star Wars characters unique or something like that. I could be wrong though. I AM looking forward to this game for the CaS though. I had fun making characters in SC3 and being able to do it. Hopefully lag won’t be too big of an issue for online play. If you can’t make it play well online, you might as well not add the feature and just develop some other area more.

if they online play can’t be near perfect or atleast playable without disgusting lag, then don’t add the online feature.

i’m really hoping that we can use the ‘soul of darthvader’ or atleast that starkiller guys soul.
i want to make an original jedi, i mean everyone else is just going to have to use darth online? thats like using ninja gaiden on dead or alive 4 online. it’s garbage everyone using the cool guy.

and i seriously hope that in the character creation that we can have different body sizes, because i hated in the last game that everyone was the same height and weight!

It’s been said so many times by now, but the amount of tittage in this game is absolutely unheard of. There’s such a mammary overload that I’m sure we’ll see Yoda’s sagging water ballons, too, from an alternate costume.

yeah the boobs in your face factor for this game has certainly gone up.
i hope i don’t see yodas little saggy ones…

i’ve was thinking of picking up the new stick that’s coming out for this. do you guys know if this kind of stick is any good?

I stole these from the GameFAGs SCIV board…


lizardman and nightmare don’t need underwear because they don’t have anything there?
and wtf is up with astaroths face??!! i never seen that shit before!
and zas looks like on serious naked black guy.

its official amy runs the itty bitty titty comitee! lol

Wow, I said that a while a go. It’s true, though… Tuesday’s the day!

Hit me up on PSN.

lol i have it already and its very easy to unlock all the characters!
i love SCIV and i already own at it.

It’s exactly like the Hori fighting stick 3 with added artwork to it. I have the Hori stick and it plays fine to me.

To the people who already own this …
I’ve been torn about purchasing this for a couple days now. Can anybody give me a defenitive answer on online play? The only way I’m buying this game is if it’s amazing.

The online portion is supposedly available now for anyone who already has the game.

i own it already and no word on the online mode seeing as how i think they’ll turn on the servers on the launch date. but the developers and what not have said it should be better than T5DRO in terms of netcode and stuff.

but over all even offline is amazing i love this game! its more like SC2 than SC3.

Did they make any significant changes for X and Nighty?

Soul Calibur was my favorite DC game :smiley: so I have already pre ordered my SCIV for PS3 :smiley: hope to test my new home made stick with it :smiley:

Ah man, it’s out but I have to wait until after work to pick it up =(.

I still have to wait one more week for it to arrive :frowning: where I live there are no game shop that do pre orders :S also the game price was ridiculously high here in Portugal, 69euros, so I ordered it from uk and got it for 54euros including air mail… the only draw back is that I have to wait 3 - 7 days for it to arrive.

add me guys! My PSN id is Angrylobster1

My vader needs training!

man there are so many misturugi, kilik, and maxi scrubs online its not even funny.

so whose playin tonight? i should be on after 9est, so just add me and whatnot.