Soul Calibur 4?


am i the only one on SRK who loves SC?

if anyone wants to play on XBL just let me know. i’m always up for practicing my Taki.

admittedly lag is a monster in this game, but i know i have good ping and through-put. :lovin:


do not want


The last Soul Calibur I played a lot off was Soul Calibur 2. However, I am going to be getting this one soon (on PS3). I generally used either Ivy or Nightmare. Does anyone know if there’s any useful ressources for this game? I never really played beyond the skill mentality of a casual gamer, mostly because I was still blissfully unaware of the competitive side of fighting games (I know, right?).


there are quite a few websites dedicated to SC4, with general strategies and interesting combos you wont find in the guides. definitely worth a check if you’re going to get into this game.


I think 8wayrun is the goto Soul Calibur site?


lol i love how you don’t actually mention any of the sites.


yeah, go to 8WayRun.Com - Soulcalibur Community for soulcalibur related stuffs.