Soul Calibur 4


Are there any threads or discussions regarding strategy, characters, and tactics for Soul Calibur 4? I’ve been looking but I’m unable to really find anything. Just checking at my old mvc2 strategy area. Havnt been back here in forever. Hope everybody is doing well!

Thanks in advance


your better off going here.:wgrin:


thanks a ton, exactly what I was looking for!


You should also go here.


Wow, nether of those sites have anything to say about the real Soul Calibur titles, a.k.a. SCI and SCII. Sucks for me, and I guess it says oodles about the current SC community :shake:


You’re one of THOSE people. :confused:


god i luv yoshimitsu! can’t get enough of him


:rofl: u dork

SCII was pretty fun to me. So I’m a little surprised by that. Although imo SCIII is where it’s at, go Raphael go! :smiley: