soul calibur 4

hey guys i finally managed to convince a friend to bring his camera since i dont have one and we managed to record some soul calibur 4 matches so check the videos out


I’m going to save some time for anyone else who stumbles into this thread:

They play with 200% health and infinite time

I just threw up a little in my mouth.


Let me enlighten you with the essence of SC4


Not interested in watching the vids but I don’t see an issue with double HP and no time. Seems like a silly thing to call out.

Thanks for the save…:tdown: to the OP.

Good shit on the heads up :tup:

Why the fuck are you playing with those settings

is there some sort of rule against playing with those settings? theres online for time and 100% hp, and we dont want the match to end in like 30-40 seconds, if we would play with time and 100% we cant even get warmed up and the games are meant to be casual not pro or tournament or something like that, also if anyone thinks we dont know how to play or stuff like that id gladly play you online, but i only play on PSN and if we manage to record some other matches with 60s and 100% hp like the rest of the world i will upload them happily

:rofl: thanks Sleazoid and Black Shroud.

I have a friend that only plays versus with me on those settings. He cries when I tell him to switch it back. So annoying.

how about some better matches?


And created characters.


People watch fighting game match vids for one of two reasons:

  1. It’s awesome / epic / hilarious ([media=youtube]sZZUMjoxfZA]Yipes anything, Daigo vs. Wong 3S Evo, [url=[/media], etc.)

  2. They’re trying to learn. From basic to pro, simple setup to complex combos, recorded videos of pro players can be an asset to newcomers or even other pros looking to polish up their game.

Your videos you’ve posted fall into neither of those categories, mostly because of the fact that you’re playing modified rules: 200% health and no time limit is not a tournament standard, it’s a casual standard. And why on earth anyone would possibly be interested in watching your casual matches is beyond me. If we want casual entertainment, we can play the game ourselves.

Now, despite the decidedly negative tone of this post I don’t discourage you from uploading videos in the future by any means - just do so in a fashion that will not be a complete waste of the viewer’s time. Follow default tournament settings, show off your goods and if you’re not a steaming pile of shit then perhaps some people can learn from your videos.

You’ll even get nitpicked even by 8wayrun I would guess.

so if they play with 60s and 100% the matches are somehow better? yeah right! well unfortunetly i dont think any of you live in romania so me or my friends can play you and show you what SC is all about, but i can play you online with no prob and demonstrate, although it has a little delay on PSN and what makes those 2 siegfried guys better than any of us?

@The_Third i checked 8wayrun and now its just a ruin, although i did find a few good matches so it didnt all go bad

I don’t even want to look because I know those videos will make me want to kill a kitten…

And sigged.

Simple, you are learning nothing about checking the clock and learning to play in settings where you can take twice the beating you normaly could.

Lose the ego already, you are probably not the best players around and these settings are just hurting your game.