Soul Calibur 5 Netcode

Hi every1, sorry for being a little persistent, but I need the testimony of the people who already play this game online and tell how good or bad it is. But please compare to other games, like BB, SF4, SC4, etc and the console you play it, because saying that is good or bad doesnt really help.

Most people compare to SF4, and I read on 8wayrun that the netcode is 2nd just to BB.


If I were to put it in order of all the fighting games netcode, it would look like this:


Honestly the netcode is fairly good, but that also is because there isn’t too many tight links or combos except for a few, and even then it manages to read them pretty good. Have no issues with 4-5 bars, a few issues with 3. Have fun!

Seemed all right, had a lot of search fails in ranked as the night went on, but connections seemed good.
SSF4,BB,3SO I have good connections.

KOFXIII UMVC3 opponent dependent, mostly good


Great: SFIV, BB, SCV
Decent/good (opponent dependent): UMVC3, KOF XIII (after patch).
-/+: MK

Soul Calibur 5’s netcode has a lot of wiggle room because the input buffers are so gigantic. This is definitely a good thing.