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Who are your mains in the series?
Who do you want as guest characters?
What are your pros/cons with the series?
Why do you hate/like it?

Let’s get some Soul Calibur discussion in here, people. (And keep the flaming to a minimum–you only make yourself look dumb. People have varying opinions, get over it)

Personally, I main Talim, with Seong Mina and Sigfried as my secondaries. As for guest characters; I’m hoping (as a long shot) to see some sweet Master Chief on the Xbox 360 version (his weapon, obviously, being an energy sword–and hey, if STAR WARS can happen, Halo can happen, and lets not forget it wouldn’t be Halo’s first foray into a fighting game), either that or Lightning from FFXIII. I dislike a large majority of FF characters, but Lightning is awesome.

Mods: Can we sticky this and me it the official Soul Calibur 5 discussion thread? With E3 on the horizon I foresee a decent amount of traffic to this thread as a good enough reason.

Soul Calibur V GamePlay to be unveiled BEFORE E3. Thursday June 2nd at GameTrailers TV!
Soul Calibur 5 newbie looking for advice

I wonder how much the announcer gets paid for doing that memorable Soul Calibur voice in every single game

I also like how absolutely everyone in that room was too busy typing up something for twitter to get hype for the game

8WayRun.Com - SoulCalibur Community probably a better place to go discuss soul calibuh


i believe that there is already a thread for this, though i think that maybe was closed because the offtopicness by that time

btw i main cervantes and nightmare
and sub talim, amy, sophitia and cassandra


i believe that there is already a thread for this, though i think that maybe was closed because the offtopicness by that time

btw i main cervantes and nightmare
and sub talim, amy, sophitia and cassandra


New announcement is godlike. 17 years into the future? Sophitia’s son is main character? New mechanics and characters to come? Methinks I’ve got something else to look forward to at E3 besides the new Nintendo console… :slight_smile:

I hope Xianghua is still playable, 37 is not that old, is it? ;_; If not, at least her daughter or relative with similar (read: exactly the same) playstyle…



Wait, for real? 17 years later?

Lots of peeps not gonna be happy with that…


I’m happy about that, since who I played (Astaroth) should still be alive and kicking (hopefully).


I dunno, I was already suspecting a reboot of some sorts after SC4 seemed so “final”. The fact that we got Sophitia’s son means that Sophitia and/or Cassandra may be pushed aside this time…

…though it doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see 'em in one form or another. Someone mentioned that they could use DLC to bring back “classic characters”, which would be a money-spinner and keep some of the old guard happy for a while…

We’ll have to wait and see methinks… :S



Give me my good swag nunchuck handles and I’ll be set!

Bringing Hwang and Li Long back somehow would be a great bonus!

First of all speed up the whole game!


Awesome! Can’t wait for it to come out. Will be counting the days.

cervantes FTW!


Will be disappointed if Nightmare doesn’t look more ridiculous/evil and Ivy doesn’t have less clothes and bigger tits


Looks like there’s some more concrete details already:

First Soulcalibur V details News - - Page 1 |


Here’s hoping they make it not so stupid as 4…and no, I’m not talking about the Star Wars characters. Oh, and also hoping that they either get rid of criticals, or at least make it so you can do them when your opponent’s health is low enough, regardless of their armor status. Truth be told…I wouldn’t mind if they got rid of the hocus-pocus, and went back to the autocombo finishers from Soul Edge.


Astaroth doesn’t age, dude, he’s a golem. See folks, this is why you read character bios and pay attention to the game’s story. It prevents you from saying silly things.


looks like they have promising ideas for online, which is good because 4’s netcode was absolutely trash. I main Xianghua in the last one, I wonder who the guest characters will end up being.


I didn’t say that like I thought he was going to die of old age. I’m just worried that they will kill his ass off with some storyline BS, like what happened to poor Li Long.
Oh yeah, and fuck the Soul Gauge. I hate getting punished for being overly defensive.


If there’s no busty female ninja, I will not buy.

Oh and uhh… I’m not sure I understand the whole short swords idea. It is interesting to see a reboot though.

Lol if guest char for ps3 is also Kratos. He does use short swords doesn’t he?


i don’t think you understand the speed of the 4th game, it was sufficient. being too fast makes it too hard to block and if you’re just doing unreadable mixups and that’s stupid


They could be referring to Soul Edge and Soul Calibur specifically, since they were both two-handed swords by SCIV.


Oh, mostly new characters? This should be interesting. I just hope we get as much boobage <3

And I used to main Tira in 4.